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Liposomal Shea Butter

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Other name: Shea Butter Liposome; NanoActive Shea Butter
Ingredient: Shea Butter, Phospholipids
Appearance: Milky white to light yellow viscous liquid
Soluble: Water
Recommended Dosage: 1%-5%
Application: Essence, lotion, cream
Package: 1KG or 5KG

Liposomal Shea Butter can effectively prevent the skin from dry and cracked, and can restore and maintain the natural elasticity of the skin.

It can be miscible with water in any ratio and added to the formula, which is convenient for application.

The effect of Liposomal Shea Butter:


This is easier to understand. The custody fruit oil contains a large amount of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, which can form a protective film on the surface of the skin to prevent water from evaporating. Some unsaturated fatty acids and other non -saponic ingredients can penetrate into the skin, nourish epidermal cells, soften the skin, and exert excellent moisturizing effect. This characteristic of Liposomal Shea Butter is particularly suitable for dry skin. There are a large number of experiments that also prove that the custard fruit oil has a long -term moisturizing effect on the surface of the skin.


In 1990, the Dutch biochemical Jandekker used sheakin oil to make a anti -aging clinical experiment. A total of 30 volunteers aged 29 to 82 participated in the experiment. Volunteers are massaged once a day with the oily of Liposomal Shea Butter. After 4 to 8 months, the skin of all volunteers has greatly improved: after a few weeks of use Smooth, the skin becomes delicate, and the wrinkles are fade.

3.Anti -inflammatory

Liposomal Shea Butter is one of the effective drugs used to treat rheumatism in African indigenous people. Research data shows that sheal oil oil has a certain amount of healing effect on dermatitis, sunburn and scars.