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Liposome Vitamin E

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Other name: VE Liposome; Nanoactive Vitamin E; Nano Liposomal Vitamin E
Ingredient: TOCOPHRIN, Phospholipids
Appearance: Milky white to light yellow viscous liquid
Soluble: Water and oil
Purity: 1%-10%
Recommended Dosage: 0.5%-5%
Application: Essence, lotion, cream
Package: 1KG or 5KG

Liposome vitamin E can improve the stability of vitamin E, take effect more quickly, penetrate deeper, and improve the utilization of active substances.

It is soluble in water and oil, and has a wider range of applications.


Liposomal vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free radical damage. Free radicals may be associated with malignant cell mutation and cardiovascular disease. Vitamin E also helps promote healthy immune function, skin and eye health.

A lack of vitamin E can lead to nerve and muscle damage, which can lead to loss of sensation in the arms and legs, muscle weakness, loss of movement control, and vision problems. A weakened immune system is also one of the signs of low vitamin E levels.