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Nonapeptide's main functions

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What is nonapeptide?

Nonapeptide is a biologically active small molecule protein, wherein the Nonapeptide can block the conduction of black hormone (MSH), reduce melanin generation opportunities, clean white skin, moisturizing, locking the skin moisture. Nonapeptide forms a transparent protective film on the surface of the skin, which can effectively inhibit melanin to reach the depth of the keratin, and quickly penetrate into each cell, thereby locking the moisture in the skin, increasing the softness of the skin. Degree, smoothness, and white tenderness, also have antioxidant effects, can synthesize anti-free radical, strengthen collagen and elastic fibers; fantasy fine lines and wrinkles, and effectively shrink the thick pores of the T word part, the skin thus becomes smooth Tender.

Nonapeptide is also known as a Nonapeptide containing nine amino acids, mainly for whitening brightening and freckle. Nonapeptide is a biostile peptide, which has very good matching with MC1 receptors on melanocytes, so as to promote melanin cytotrophone, competitive combination of MC1 receptor, prevent tyrosinase It is further activated to produce melanin.

The skin is largely larger due to long-term sun exposure, after the sun irradiation, the moisture in the skin is lacking, and the melanin gradually precipitates, which will cause the skin to become black, even dry, peel. The skin is black is the increase in the pigment of the skin, which causes a lot of skin pigments, and there is an internal factor. Ultraviolet irradiation is the most common cause of skin black, and if there is inflammation of the skin, it will cause the pigmentation after inflammation. Skin disease can also cause the skin to become black, such as skin black disease causes the skin to become black, and some drugs may cause the skin to become black.Nonapeptide manufacturer - ZHENYIBIO

Main effect of melitane

1) Whitening freckle

2) Inhibition of melanin excessive generation

3) Reduce melanin deposition

4) Add to beauty skin care products such as brightening cream, brightened foundation, powder, freckle cream (sunburn, freckles)

Mechanism of nonapeptide-1

Human skin pigmentation and freckles, the formation of old spots is related to overexpression of melanocytes. α-Mulating Hormonin Hormone (α-MSH) is a naturally occurring polypeptide produced by human body, consisting of 13 amino acids (ACETYL-SER-Tyr-ser-met-glu-his-Phearg-trp-gly -LYS-PRO-VAL-NH2), associated with multiple physiological functions of the human body, pigmentation is its participation

An important physiological function with adjustment. When the skin is irradiated with ultraviolet irradiation, the keratin forming cells and fibroblasts can cause α-gum cytotropaloids, alpha-gums, and melaninic receptors in the surface of melanocytes, and melanin cells. After the combination of Melanocortin-1 Receptor, MC1-R), the adenylate cyclic enzyme was activated, and the level of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (CAMP) was raised, and the tyrosinase was finally activated, catalyzed the production of melanin.

The ideal skin whitening agent requires no cytotoxicity, and the more the active site is better than the front end effect of the melanin synthesis. The combination of α-gums in melanocyte hormone and melanin receptor-1 is the first step in the entire pigmentation pathway. Nonapeptide can compete with α-gumber cytotropic hormone, melanin leather receptor 1, reduce the binding rate of α-gum torrocyte hormone and melanin receptor-1, effectively block melan cells Whole ways of melanin synthesis.

Inhibition of melanin: White hidden! Peptide mensomyreopein, germine, Nonapeptide briquette, double antioxidant inhibited free radical, anti-sugar antioxidant, prevent melanin generation from the muscle bottom, anti-oxygen CP full guard, no Black, the skin is naturally white than one day.

Misin: Nonapeptide briquette makes whitening ingredients to absorb, improve skin pores, improve the skin's netness, so that the skin is shine, delicate; let you confuse minimally invasive surgery and laser postoperative pigmentation ( Return to black).