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Resveratrol Liposomal

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Other Name: liposomales resveratrol; Resveratrol Liposome; Nanoactive Resveratrol
Ingredient: resveratrol, Phospholipids
Appearance: White to yellow viscous liquid
Soluble: Water
Purity: 2%;5%
Recommended Dosage: 1%-10%
Application: essence, lotion, cream and facial mask
Package: 1KG or 5KG

Resveratrol is almost insoluble in water,and easy to crystallize in the formulation. 

So,can't be absorbed by the skin. Resveratrol is easily oxidized and degraded when encountering high temperature, which affects the appearance of the product.

Liposome resveratrol is stable,there will be no precipitation or crystallization in the liquid formulation, and it is not easy to change color, which improves the utilization of resveratrol.

Note:Dissolve, disperse and stir in water at room temperature.