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Sialic Acid

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Other Name: N-Acetylneuraminic Acid
Molecular Formula: C11H19NO9
Molecular Weight: 309.27
Appearance: White fine powder
Purity: 98%
CAS Number: 131-48-6
EINECS number: 205-023-1

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Sialic acid(acetylneuraminic acid) is a synthetic product,a pure N-acetyl compound.Sialic acid powder is a generic term for N- or O-substituted derivatives of neuraminic acid,a nine-carbon monosaccharide.Acetyl sialic acid is also the most common member of this group,sialic acid is widely distributed in animal tissues and bacteria, especially glycoproteins and gangliosides.The amino group has an acetyl or glycolyl group.

Sialic acid-zhenyibio