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Tea Saponin

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Origin: Seed of Camellia oleifera Abel
Molecular Formula: C57H90O2
Appearance: yellow to white powder
Purity: 60%,95%,98%
CAS NO.: 8047-15-2
Grade: Cosmetic and Agricultural Grade

Tea Seed Extract (Tea Saponin) acts as a non-ionic surfactant,emulsifier and foaming agent. It diminishes inflammation,eases pain, improves foam and shows dispersion. Tea Seed Extract (Tea Saponin) finds application in formulating personal care products.Studies have shown that saponins can accelerate a variety of biological activities, including hemolysis, antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant functions. In addition, saponins are reported to have anti-inflammatory activity, which can reduce edema and skin inflammation.

Tea saponin is a non -ionic surfactant, which has high -efficiency emulsification, decentralization, wetting and other surface activity, and has pharmacological effects such as anti -seepage, anti -inflammatory, and analgesic. It also has the functions of insecticidal and stimulating the growth of some plants, and has important uses in industrial agriculture, daily chemical and pharmaceutical departments. Environmental -friendly pesticide auxiliary agent refined by it can be widely used in pesticides, sterilizers, and herbicides.

At the same time, due to the evasion of tea saponin and biological hormones, it is also a good biological pesticide. It can be used as a pesticide additive to improve the efficacy, and it can also stimulate the growth of crops. It will not cause soil pollution and is conducive to environmental protection.

The characteristics of anti -leakage and anti -inflammatory characteristics of tea saponin. It has the effects of anti -inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, and cough and phlegm. Tea saponin has good water -soluble water and rich foam. The strong decontamination power is the excellent selection of the washing product industry and the emulsifier industry. It is used to produce shampoos and shampoo. Not only is shampoo and hair care, but also anti -inflammatory and itching.

DescriptionLight yellow powderQualified
Content                        ≧90%91.60%
Organic matter≤5%4.20%