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The three functions of chlorogenic acid

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Anti-pathogenic microorganism of chlorogenic acid

In vitro experiments showed that gold and silver frying and alcohol immersion were bacteria, white staphylococci, hemolytic streptococci, pneumonium bacteria, meningitis Supococcus, Hybrid bacteria, subtobacterium bacterium, E. coli, dysentery, deformation bacilli, There are certain inhibitory effects in a variety of Grace positive and negative bacteria, such as Cithia, Pseudonia, Tudikacillus, and Cholera Sibia, etc. It is considered to be the main antibacterial ingredients of hydrocanoa. But other After reporting that the golden flowers have been heated, the chlorogenic acid content has declined, but its antibacterial effect does not have a corresponding decline, and the inhibition of the dysentery, the inhibitory effect of the Divergel bacilli is reinforced, indicating that the green chloric acid is not a silver flower Fungi ingredients. Chlorogenic acid Dry Cave (1:20) In the cultivation of human embryonic renal primary monolayer epithelial cells, there is inhibitory effect on influenza viruses, orphan viruses, and scams, can inhibit viral replication, delay the virus The occurrence of cytopathy. The role of Chlorogenic acid inhibition of Coxschi and orphan virus in extracellularity. The gold and silver frying agent has inhibited the hook-side spiral.chlorogenic acid supplement - ZHENYIBIO

Anti-poison of chlorogenic acid

Abdominal injection of gold silver flower injection 7.5 g / kg can enable the survival rate of Endotoxin or Pseudomonas in LD50 in the mice in the mice in mice, 6 g / kg, intravenous silver and silver, toxin toxin poisoning The rabbit has therapeutic effect, which can improve the reduction in leukocyte and the body temperature reduction. From the yellow brown finger, the yellow brown hurts the winter, the mouse skin is injected with 200 mg / kg, which can significantly reduce carbon tetrachloride, D- Galactosamine, alactin-active interest-shaped poisonous mice alanine aminotransferase (Alt) activity and liver triglyceride content, and significantly alleviate the pathological damage of the liver.

Chlorogenic acid anti-inflammatory, thermal heat

Abdominal injection of gold and silver flowers extract 0.25 g / kg, can inhibit rats in rats caused by the bladage gum, there is also an inhibitory effect on the egg whitening. Rat abdominal injection gold and silver flower extract 8g / kg, daily 2 Secondary, on the 6th, there was a significant inhibitory effect on the inflammatory oozing and granulation tissue of the soybean oil cysts. In addition, this product also has a blood fat, central excitement, anti-fertility.