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Tranexamic Acid

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Molecular Formula: C8H15NO2
Molecular Weight: 157.21
Appearance: White Powder
Purity: 98%
CAS Number: 1197-18-8
EINECS number: 214-818-2

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Tranexamic acid, also known as tranexamic acid, clotting acid, or hemostatic acid, is a white crystalline powder with no odor. The chemical name is trans 4-aminomethylcyclohexanecarboxylic acid, which is an organic compound with the chemical formula C8H15NO2. It is mainly used as a hemostatic agent.

Tranexamic acid can inhibit fibrinolytic enzymes and has hemostatic, anti allergic, and anti-inflammatory effects.

1. Anti fibrinolytic activity: Tranexamic acid can strongly adsorb to the lysine binding site (LBS) of the fibrinogen affinity site on plasmin and plasminogen, inhibiting the binding of plasmin and plasminogen to fibrin, thereby strongly inhibiting fibrinolysis caused by plasmin. Additionally, in the serum ɑ In the presence of anti fibrinolytic enzymes such as 2-macroglobulin, the anti fibrinolytic effect of tranexamic acid is more pronounced, and the hemostatic effect is more significant.

2. Hemostatic effect: abnormally high levels of plasmin can cause platelet aggregation inhibition and coagulation factor breakdown. Mild hyperthyroidism first leads to the breakdown of fibrin. Therefore, in general bleeding, tranexamic acid can inhibit fibrinolysis and play a hemostatic role.

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