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What are the benefits of taking dexpanthenol?

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Dexpanthenol, also known as vitamin original B5, is an forefuncta of vitamin B5 pantothenic acid. However, due to the nature of vitamin B5 and its instability, it is easily affected by temperature and formula, thereby reducing biological application rates. Therefore, it generally uses its prelude -pan gyrolytter in cosmetics formula. Because of its more stable nature and better penetration, it can penetrate the moisturizing effect in the skin tissue.

Dexpanthenol can be divided into three types: mixed rotor (DL-type), right rotor (D-type), and levoty (L-type), of which only the right rotated alcohol has biological activity. The cosmetics industry is mainly used for D-Dexpanthenol. Dexpanthenol is a necessary nutritional component for the skin. When the body lacks pantothenic acid, it causes many skin nerve disturbances. The skin can be kept, rough, and peeling. Skin ulcers will also occur.

Dexpanthenol can be converted into pantothenic acid in the human body to generate coenzyme A, promote the metabolism of body protein, human fat, and glycogen, maintain skin and mucous membranes, improve hair gloss, and avoid the occurrence of diseases. Dexpanthenol can prevent small wrinkles, inflammation, wind blowing, and chaos, prevent hair loss, promote hair loss, maintain humid hair, reduce hair split, avoid decisiveness and rupture,Medical effect.dexpanthenol 5 manufacturer - ZHENYIBIO

The role of Dexpanthenol

1. Excellent moisturizing performance

Dexpanthenol is an osmotic moisturizing agent, which can directly infiltrate the stratum corneum. It has strong hygroscopic absorption, which can increase the water content of the stratum corneum and reduce the loss of water. Superior deep moisturizing properties: The molecular weight of pan gyrool is small, can effectively penetrate the stratum corneum, infiltrate the stratum corneum on the surface of the skin, has a strong moisturizing effect, effectively improve the skin rough, makes the skin soft, and not sticky;

Related studies have shown that for 7 days using 1 ~ 5% Dexpanthenol, the water content of the stratum corneum is significantly improved.

2. Promote wound healing

According to experimental data: Dexpanthenol can increase the proliferation of fibrous buds, help skin tissue healing damage, and help the skin epidermal barrier regenerate. Using a 5%pistol ointment can speed up the epidermal wound healing time by 30%. Stimulate the growth of epithelial cells, accelerate the healing time of the epidermal wound, and repair tissue trauma; it has a curative effect on eczema, sunburn, and infant diaper rash.

3. Good hair care effect

Dexpanthenol is widely used in shampoos and conditioner. It can penetrate the hair inside, lasting moisturizing the hair, improving the hair of the hair, reducing the hair split, preventing crisp and break, and repairing damaged hair.

4. Nursing effect on nails

Dexpanthenol can enhance hydrophilic effects and improve the flexibility of nails.

Dexpanthenol has good moisturizing performance, repairing skin damage, and almost no low irritation of contact dermatitis. Without any sticky feeling, it has a comfortable and gentle skin, it is very suitable for sensitive and damaged skin use.

The application area of Dexpanthenol:

Dexpanthenol is also called beauty skin care preservatives because it can be melted in special alcohol and water. There are many main uses of Dexpanthenol. It is often added to shampoo and hair care milk. It has a certain repair effect on our hair and improves hair quality.

1. The food industry is used as a nutritional supplementary agent and reinforcement to promote the metabolism of human protein, fat, and sugar, maintain skin and mucous membranes, improve hair glory, improve immunity, and prevent diseases. Nutritional supplements and reinforcements, promote the metabolism of body protein, human fat, and glycogen, maintain skin and mucous membranes, improve hair gloss, enhance immunity, and avoid the occurrence of diseases;

2. The cosmetics industry, the nursing effect of the skin is the moisturizing agent that penetrates deeply, stimulates the growth of epithelial cells, promotes wound healing, and has anti -inflammatory effect; It is mainly used as a moisturizing agent and skin conditioning agent in cosmetics. It can enhance product moisturizing effects, soothing skin dryness, and enhancing skin hydrophilic ability, and at the same time, it also has a certain anti -inflammatory and repair effect.

3. In the daily chemical industry: the medical effect on the skin is mainly manifested as a deep -seated moisturizing agent. The growth and development of irritating scale -shaped epithelial cells, promoting wound repair, and starting to anti -inflammatory effects. The moisturizing and moisturizing effect, avoid split hair, damage, increase the relative density of hair, and improve the gloss of the hair quality; the medical care of the nails is mainly manifested in improving the hydrophobicity of the fingernails, granting the flexibility of the fingernails. The nursing effect on the hair is manifested as a lasting moisturizing function, preventing the hair from splitting, damaging, increasing the density of the hair, and increasing the luster of the hair quality; the nails of the nails are manifested as improving the hydrophilicity of the nails and giving the nail flexibility.