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What does tranexamic acid do in the body?

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Tranexamic acid is a protein enzyme inhibitor that can inhibit the catalytic effect of protease on peptide bonds, thereby preventing the activity of enzymes such as inflammatory proteases, and then inhibiting the chaos of the epidermal cell function of the dark spots, and inhibiting melanin Enhance the factors, and then completely cut off the melanin occurrence of melanin caused by ultraviolet rays. That is, the dark spots are no longer thickened, expanded, and increased, which can effectively prevent and improve the pigment deposition of the skin.

Tranexamic acid can directly hinder the activity of melanin cells and improve the activity of melanin. Its gentle and irritating properties are particularly suitable for the effects of light spots, whitening and balanced overall floating color. In addition to the diluted spots, Tranexamic acid can also improve the transparency and local dullness of the overall skin tone, which has the effect of whitening and light spots to a certain extent.

Properties of Tranexamic acid is stable

Compared with the average whitening ingredients,Tranexamic acid has high stability, acid and alkali resistance, and is not easy to be affected by temperature and environment. Tranexamic acid does not require carrier protection. Tranexamic acid is not affected by the transmission system and has no stimulation.tranexamic acid benefits - ZHENYIBIO

Tranexamic acid to solve the four major problems:

1. Laser treatment, inhibit the return of black, effectively relieve skin redness

2. Treatment of acne muscle, soothing red acne and acne marks

3. Improve the skin of the skin black, dark yellow, pigmentation

4. Effective treatment and prevent melasma prevention

Is there any side effects of Tranexamic acid?

As a hemostatic agent itself, the Tranexamic acid itself obviously exists. Long -term use of large doses can cause irregular menstruation, that is, delayed menstruation, and low menstrual flow. If you use an unsatisfactory product, it may even affect the health of the breast, uterus and other parts. Therefore, although the effect of Tranexamic acid has a good effect, the dosage and time of use must be controlled. Generally, the Tranexamic acid that is added to the skin care products will not be particularly high. You must buy a compliance product. Especially for whitening needles, some of them will be used to convey the ingredients of acid. This is not allowed to inject yourself, otherwise the side effects will be great. So what is the whitening mechanism of Tranexamic acid?

Whitening mechanism of Tranexamic acid:

The earliest way to use Tranexamic acid is orally. Oral Tranexamic acid treatment of chloasma has been confirmed by a large number of research institutes! What is the mechanism of Tranexamic acid for cosmetics?

To understand the whitening mechanism of Tranexamic acid, we must first understand the mechanism of solving melanin.

The mechanism of solving melanin is divided into three major pieces:

1) Block melanin generation;

2) Block melanin transfer;

3) Promote the exfoliation of stratum corneum and accelerate pigment metabolism.

Tranexamic acid is considered to reduce melanin production by inhibiting the agglasses induced by UV (UV). Generally, ultraviolet rays will enhance the interaction of cellulin and keratin formation, leading to the release of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), which in turn stimulates melanocytic tyrosine activity. It is believed that the characteristics of antibasty are helpful for Tranexamic acid to treat melasma.

Interestingly, the dose of Tranexamic acid can be changed according to the diseased disease: the highest dose required to prevent bleeding is 100 mg/ml, and the therapeutic dose of melanin is variable. The maximum additional amount is generally not more than 5%.

Triple effect of Tranexamic acid

The most important and heavy and efficient whitening ingredient today, it is a protease inhibitor;

Inhibit the chaos of the epidermal cell function of the dark spots, at the same time inhibit the melanin enhanced factor group;

The way to completely cut off the melanin caused by ultraviolet rays, that is, the dark spots are continuously thickened and increased.

Uses: whitening products, light spots.

Safety: No irritation to the skin. Expression is a whitening ingredient that has obtained patent rights in care products. Many years of clinical research has confirmed that it can whiten the spots quickly and lighten the spots, making the skin show fair, soft and bright perfect skin. On March 24, 2005, the Taiwan and Japan Department of Health announced that it was effective in vain.

Reference dosage: 0.5 ~ 3%

Can I use Tranexamic acid every day?

It is not recommended to use it every day, because it is harmful to the body. Although the content of skin care products is relatively small, too much use will also have a bad effect on the skin. For example Say! During the menstruation, it is not suitable for soaring acid, because it has a hemostatic effect, which will affect menstruation. Like whitening needles contain Tranexamic acid, long -term and injection may cause problems such as mastitis and so on.

What crowd is suitable for Tranexamic acid?

1. People who are suitable for healthy skin and want to brighten the skin tone;

2. It is suitable for people with inflammatory acne marks and need to lighten the red acne marks;

3. Suitable for people who need light spots.

What groups of people are used for Tranexamic acid?

1. Severe sensitive skin with caution;

2. Pregnant women and lactating women use cautiously (there is certain side effects in clinical use in rumors. Although there are not many cosmetics content, it is best not to use it for safety reasons).