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What is Acetyl Tetrapeptide?

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How did an eye bag are generated?

There are two main factors in the formation of eye bags:

1. As the older skin of the eye will lose elastic, the eye muscles will be relaxed, thereby forming a wrinkle in the face. The pad is transferred from the eye in the eyelid and gathered in the eye. Bag-shaped eye medicine is called skin sagging, and it is usually improved through eye formation.

2. Eye bags form another important reason is edema, incentives are mainly lymph cycles and increased permeability of capillaries.

As the age increases, the skin has gradually lost elasticity, and the muscle function is weakened, and the skin is relaxed around the skin to form an eye bag.

Excessive accumulation of moisture in the eyelid part is edema.

Acetyl tetrapeptides can eliminate edema, improve skin elasticity and smoothness. Collagen is crosslinked, and is why the acetyl group-5 can inhibit saccharification, while achieving the efficacy of eye bags and wrinkles.

How did the dark circle have?eyeseryl manufacturer - ZHENYIBIO

The green black eyeliner usually occurs in 20 years old, people who are not normal in life are especially true, because the blood flow rate in the microvascular is slow, the amount of blood is increased, and the oxygen consumption is increased, and the result of hypoxic blood is increased. From the appearance Dark blue tones appear in the skin. Due to the more microvascular vessels around the eye, there is less sleep, the eyes of the eyes, the pressure, anemia, etc., will cause the skin and edema in the eye.

The cause of tea black eye circles is closely related to age growth. The long-term sun cream has caused pigmentation in the eyes, and it will form a lingering dark circle; in addition, the melanin metabolism caused by blood is delayed, and there is excessive dryness, also It will lead to the formation of the brown dark circles.

Acetyl tetrapeptide action mechanism:

First, it suppresses the glycosylation of the skin around the eye. Glycosylation usually results in abnormal collagen fibers, confusion crosslinking. The saccharification is not to make all collagen fibers work together in a unified, organized manner, but reduce the elasticity of the skin. EyeeeeeeeeL is combined with a protein involved in glycosylation to prevent the protein from being combined with the next substance required to continue glycosylation, thereby stopping the saccharification on its track to confront.

Secondly, by changing the permeability of the vascular permeability of the region. (Yes, this sounds scary, but it is actually not more terrible than applied to the wound - you just change the blood circulation). By reducing the permeability of the blood vessel in this region, the amount of liquid accumulated in the region can be reduced.

Acetyl tetrapeptide against edema by the following aspects:

1. Improve the microcirculation of eye skin by inhibiting angiotensin I converting enzymes

2. Increase the activity of SOD, inhibit its glycosylation, prevent protein cross-linking, improve skin elasticity

3. Reduce the permeability of blood vessels and reduce moisture exudation

Acetyl tetrapeptide efficacy:

Acetyl tetrapeptide has the function of improving the elasticity of the eye skin and fighting edema, so it is used to relieve eye bags and dark circles.