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What is fish collagen peptide?

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Fish collagen is a high-protein food that can provide us with the protein, amino acids and vitamins our body needs. It is an indispensable food in our healthy diet. Eating it can enable our body to achieve high absorption of food, providing a guarantee for a healthy diet.

Fish protein, refined and refined deep-sea fish, contains a lot of mucopolysaccharides and rich collagen, and is called "eating cosmetics". Fish protein can fully provide the nutrients needed for skin regeneration, promote skin repair ability, delay skin aging, increase skin elasticity and thickness, improve skin heat preservation function, reduce facial wrinkles, clear sunburn, and make skin soft and smooth. . In addition, because fish protein is rich in nutrients, the user can enhance youthful vitality and health while beautifying the skin.

The role of mucopolysaccharides:

Unique moisturizing properties (holds 1000 times more moisture), making the skin more plump and moisturizing. Mucopolysaccharide can also strengthen the metabolism of fibrous tissue in the deep layer of the skin, increase the thickness of the epidermis and dermis, and has a strong diluting effect on pigmentation and facial melasma caused by actinic aging.

The role of collagen:

About 70% of the protein in the skin is collagen. The increase of collagen content in the body can restore the elasticity and roundness of the skin when it is young, strengthen the elastic fibers of the skin, and make the cells in the dermis of the skin more energetic, plump and full of vitality. Especially for fine lines at the end of the eyes and the corners of the mouth.Fish collagen supplier -ZHENYIBIO

The role of fish collagen peptide

1. From the inside out, deep conditioning and high moisturizing.

2. Replenish collagen and enhance skin elasticity.

3. Repair sunburned skin and remove chloasma.

4. Provide the daily nutrients needed by the skin, remove wrinkles and beautify the skin.

5. Stimulate the repair ability of cells, reduce the generation of wrinkles, and effectively resist ultraviolet rays.

Fish collagen powder is a popular health care product. It contains a variety of nutrients and can play a very good role in moisturizing and moisturizing, whitening and removing freckles and prints, shrinking pores, eliminating dark circles, etc. It can effectively improve the skin condition, but it may also cause skin allergies.

Fish collagen powder efficacy and role

1. Whitening and freckle removal

The active peptides in fish collagen powder can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and reduce the formation of freckles. Secondly, fish collagen powder has a unique repairing effect on the skin. It fuses with surrounding tissue cells, effectively promotes skin cell regeneration, and repairs acne marks and scars in the outer skin.

2. Moisturizing and hydrating

The unique triple helix structure of fish collagen powder can effectively lock water and generate many hydrophilic groups. Therefore, fish collagen powder has strong water storage properties, maintains the moisture required by the skin, fills in the collagen of Illure, and can restore the moisture and luster of the skin.

3. Astringent pores

After the fish collagen powder is absorbed by the human skin, it enhances the skin's water-locking level and maintains the skin's water-oil balance. It is inevitable that the face will be oily, long-term blockage and skin pores will expand. It also improves skin tone and shrinks pores for tighter, more elastic skin.

4. Remove dark circles under the eyes

The outflow of collagen from the body causes the eye mechanism to lax and sag because the skin around the eyes is very thin, which can easily lead to blood buildup and dark circles under the eyes. Adding an appropriate amount of fish collagen powder in daily life can tighten the structure of the skin, so that the blood is not easy to stay in the gap, and the dark circles and bags under the eyes will not naturally form.

5. Promote breast development

You should know that the human breast is mainly composed of knots and hooves, and collagen is the main component of tissue cells. Collagen and glycoproteins are interwoven into a network structure to create a certain impact toughness. Filling collagen can restore the elasticity and compressive strength of collagen fibers, making breasts plump and straight.

6. Shape and reduce fat

Fish collagen powder has relatively low calories and is very easy to be absorbed and metabolized by the human body. To lose weight, you must consume fat. Taking collagen before bed can increase and increase the whole process of absorption and metabolism, and will ignite a lot. Over time, it can work to build and reduce fat.

Hydrolyzed fish collagen side effects

1. Can cause skin allergies

Some girls are allergic to this protein, so at this point, when their skin is allergic, they will have brown-red spots and sometimes a small rash, which is the biggest adverse reaction. I hope you can establish this, so if you are allergic to collagen skin, don't use collagen, be sure to manipulate it.

2. Harm the development of the fetus

Their pregnant mothers must not use fish collagen powder because once their pregnant mothers use this chemical, it can also affect the growth and development of the fetus, because this collagen is made up of 18 amino acids, but there are several This species cannot be digested and absorbed by their fetuses, so it will also affect the growth and development of the fetus, so our good friends of pregnant mothers must not use fish collagen powder, and can use other whitening skin care products appropriately.

3. Affect health

If you use fake collagen, it has no biological extraction technology, so it is likely to choose some bad raw materials when choosing materials. Given this, it will also affect our own health. The raw materials of high-end collagen egg whites are generally from deep sea fish fillets, but the fake collagen peptides used to be water conservancy projects, so I hope you can realize this.

Who is hydrolyzed fish collagen powder suitable for?

1. Over 18 years old: men and women with unbalanced water and oil metabolism, large pores on the face, blackheads, closed acne, less water, and fear of aging.

2. Over the age of 30: Especially women who have given birth, their faces are loose and lack elasticity, and wrinkles begin to appear around the eyes. They are afraid of aging, such as dull and dull skin.

3. Computer users: Radiation from electronic products causes dull skin. Collagen has good hydration and radiation protection.

4. Men/women who smoke for a long time: Smoking will lead to the increase of cultivated matrix metalloproteinases in the body. This substance can cause serious damage to collagen and dry skin. For smokers, supplementing collagen is especially important.

5. Too much work pressure: women/men who stay up late for a long time do not have good rest. His skin is dry, with serious wrinkles and dark circles, he must supplement with collagen to promote blood circulation and increase skin moisture.

6. Menopausal women aged 40-50: During menopause, a lot of collagen is lost, the skin tone is uneven, and wrinkles are aggravated.

7. The elderly who must supplement calcium and zinc: Collagen can improve the absorption of calcium and prevent aging.