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What is nmn supplement good for?

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What is nmn supplement good for

NMN is an aid -ⅠNAD+foretard, which is a human endogenous substance. NAD+levels decreased during aging, causing nuclear and mitochondrial function defects, and leading to many age -related pathology. By supplementing NAD+forehead NMN, it can significantly improve the various functional defects caused by aging, thereby offsetting many aging diseases. Long -term oral NMN can activate longevity factor Sirtuins, repair DNA, maintain the youthful cells and body, repair due to years caused by years The downside of the human body's function is an important way to "reverse aging".

NMN, also known as a single nucleotide of nicotinamide, is a substance in the human body, and some fruits and vegetables also contain NMN. In the human body, NMN is one of the forefronts of NAD+. NMN plays a role. The core is achieved by transforming into NAD+. So NAD+is the real big boss behind.

NAD+participating in the cells is very wide, as many as thousands, including EnergyenzymeActivity, EnergyPRODUCTION, chromosomisstability, DNA repair, and longevity protein Sirtuins, and NAD+is a consumable substance material Most of these reactions need to be maintained by consuming it to maintain normal operation. Especially the activation of the longevity protein family, including Sirtuins1 ~ 7, is the core longeevityMeChanisms longevity mechanism.

Therefore, NAD+is very important. Studies have also shown that with age, NAD+synthesis is gradually decreasing, and consumption is gradually increasing, so the total amount of NAD+is getting less and less. This reduction has a strong correlation with aging and disease.

NMN is an inherent substance in the human body and is also rich in some fruits and vegetables. In the human body, NMN is the forefront of NAD+, and its function is reflected through NAD+. Experimental data showed that NMN can extend the life of mammals by more than 30 %, so it is titled as "long -lived medicine".

NAD+is a "anti -aging factor" that determines the aging of the human body. It participates in thousands of human reactions such as cell metabolism, oxidation reactions, and protein transcription. NMN can make the human body better absorb NAD+and delay aging.NMN

01. Protect the optic nerve and reduce the retinal damage

Studies have found that increasing NAD+(NMN transformed into NAD+in the body) can reverse aging and confirm it through experiments.

NMN also has a good protective effect on the optic nerve, and it can significantly inhibit the aggravation of the diaphragm loss and other diseases.

Prior to this, the scientific community believed that taking NMN to supplement NAD+to restore it to a healthy state can protect the nerves. Studies have found that after supplementing NAD+to the health level, additional supplements are more conducive to improving the protection effect.

02. Slowing muscle aging and prolonging the health period

Aging is an inevitable situation of age. The aging of muscle is one of the important reasons for the rapid decline in the quality of life and health of middle -aged and elderly people.

Supplementing NAD+can improve mitochondrial function in a variety of animal models, to largely delay muscle aging, and then prolong the health period. This has once again proved the effect of NAD+delaying aging.

03. Supplementing NAD+is one of the best ways to prevent cardiovascular disease

Supplementing and stabilizing NAD+health levels are one of the best ways to treat cardiovascular diseases at present.

04. Repair kidney damage

In recent years, a large number of experimental data shows that NAD+supplementation has excellent effects on repairing kidney damage.

The abnormality of mitochondrial function and the sudden drop in NAD+levels are one of the signs of kidney damage. Therefore, by supplementing NAD+, it can help improve the abnormalities of mitochondria and improve the level of NAD+, thereby repairing kidney damage.

05. Protect women's reproductive health and protect the quality of egg mother cells

NMN's ability to supplement NAD+and mitochondrial repair capabilities can protect the quality of oval and parent cells, thereby delaying women's reproductive aging.

Many chemical additives in daily life will produce a large amount of active oxygen (ROS), which affects mitochondrial function, thereby reducing the quality of female oval and female cells, accelerating reproductive aging, etc., while NMN can significantly and precisely repair and prevent these problems.

Why should I eat NMN?

1. We have taken NMN in daily life. NMN Guangfan exists in various types of vegetables, but extremely small;

2. In fact, there is no reason to recommend that people under 25 years of age are recommended to take NMN, because NMN is to repair damaged cells in the human body, and people under 25 years of age can adjust sufficient NMN for cell repair;

3. With the improvement of age, the level of the human NMN gradually decreases, and the body will develop degenerative symptoms, such as muscle degeneration, weakened brain power, deepening pigment, and hair loss. In the traditional sense, it is called "aging";

4. However, aging is not necessarily measured by age, and aging is also based on living conditions, such as long -term high pressure state, staying up late, etc., which will reduce the level of NMN.

5. NMN, as an indicator, can objectively reflect the degree of aging of the human body. Therefore, groups with aging symptoms supplement NMN can efficiently delay the symptoms of aging or restore youthfulness.

Is NMN different from supplements and health products?

1. Traditional supplements are biased towards theory. At the same time, the effect of supplements is more vague, lack of specific doses and stable effects;

2. NMN has a large amount of academic and experimental data, and toxicity testing proves its effectiveness;

3. The quality of traditional supplements is different, and some bad merchants add excess heavy metals, which may lead to toxicity;

4. NMN composition and controllable, product medical grade industrialized production guarantee product safety and effective product;

5. Traditional health products, such as vitamins, calcium tablets, are single, and the human body is easier;

6. The process of synthetic NMN is complicated, so the level of NMN is low and needs to be obtained through the in vitro;

7. NMN is the source of the source and comprehensiveness. Therefore, it is different from traditional health products. NMN makes the cells younger from the source, avoiding excessive intake of health products and leading to the heavy burden on the liver and kidney.

Can I eat NMN directly?

1. It is not recommended to eat NMN directly;

2. The powder NMN raw material sold in the market is industrial or experimental. It is directly used with high risk. At the same time, the use of experimental raw materials for others as food or medicine is also an irresponsible illegal behavior;

3. Unprocessed NMN acidity is high, which will cause severe stimulation of the esophagus and stomach of the digestive system, which may cause (or aggravate) digestive diseases;

4. NMN medical -grade raw materials are not convenient to eat directly, and the efficiency of dissolved in water absorption is low;

5. Capsule -shaped NMN dissolving unstable, the water temperature dissolving rate of capsules at different temperatures is different, so it may also cause unstable absorption or stimulate the digestive system;

6. Capsule -shaped pure NMN for a long time will produce a decreasing edge effect and weaken the effect. Therefore, many people take several months to weaken the effect significantly.

Can I take NMN?

1. NMN is a more difficult ingredient of human body synthesis. At the same time, the unhealthy environment and habits of modern society have led to a decrease in the NMN level of the human body. Therefore, it is not an additional addition to NMN, but a compensation behavior;

2. NMN has obvious degenerative symptoms over 50 years of age, and improves sleep, mental state, muscle strength and organ function;

3. Suitable for young groups with or preventing degenerative symptoms. If it can effectively alleviate the symptoms of "premature aging" such as degenerative symptoms caused by irregular schedules, mental stress, and mourning weakness;

4. Staying up late leads to a decline in liver function, damage to the brain, and timely replenishment of NMN can relieve or reverse damaged cells;

5. For those who want to get a longer life, NMN can be taken for a long time, and the test results of biological experiments can be extended by about 20-40%;

6. It should be noted that NMN products are currently used as categories of food supplements (health products) in the world. In the legal sense, in the medical sense, it is unable to replace drugs.