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What is phytosphingosine used for

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Phytosphingosine, also known as nerve sheath amphenol, scientific name 2-amino-4-ethyne -1,3-diol. It is a eighteen carbon amino alcohol containing unsaturated hydrocarbons. Hydthamel is a sheath lipid. It is one of the components of the cell membrane and is also a signal lipid molecule. It participates in multiple cells. phytosphingosine is mainly distributed in plant seeds such as wheat. Its content is very small, and it is extremely difficult to extract. Related data shows that 1 ton of high -quality organic wheat can only extract 1 kg of plant amphenosyl alcohol. Essence

Studies have found that in addition to moisture maintenance and barrier function, this long -chain organic molecules have good performance and excellent effects in anti -inflammatory soothing, inhibiting microorganisms, regulating keratinization of epithelium, and treating acne Essence One of the important reasons for the reason why plant sheath amphenosyl alcohol has a significant effect on the skin is because it is used as a ligand as a PPARS (activation receptor activation receptor). Therefore, even if the amount is small, the same Can play a role.

Phytosphingosine, which is the ingredient of the skin itself, is also the precursor of lidamide in the skin's natural lipid barrier. It participates in the formation of lidamide. At the same time phytosphingosine is an important component of moisture maintenance and barrier function, and is a key matter that maintains the skin's natural defense function. As you get older and enter the old age, the plant amphenol in human skin will gradually decrease, leading to dry skin and rough skin. Topical phytosphingosine skin care products can efficiently maintain the skin and protect the cortex.phytosphingosine skin benefits - ZHENYIBIO

Phytosphingosine is also a natural inflammatory regulator of the skin. It has the effects of soothing sedation, desensitization and anti -sensitivity, eliminating sensitive phenomena such as redness, itching, pimples, and peeling of skin, enhance skin resistance, soothing caused by seasonal changes or environmental changes stimulation caused by stimuli Dry/rash/itching/allergies, etc., can also be deeply repaired and conditioned on sensitive skin to enhance the skin's own defense ability. It can ease the stimulation of the skin on the skin, so that the skin can be soothing quickly, and it has a significant effect on the long -term disorder of the skin.

Phytosphingosine has an excellent skin -brightening effect on the skin. It is mainly manifested in the plants that have a strong antioxidant effect. It has a significant protective effect on skin free radical damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, reducing collagen decomposition , Package of horny to improve skin rough. phytosphingosine also has the effects of purifying the skin, antibacterial, and removing ozone. It sweeps the dullness of the skin, allowing the skin to restore the texture of transparent and bright, and it is very suitable for the urban beauty who faces computers for a long time.

Phytosphingosineic plays a role in cosmetics:

1. Promoting the production of skin mimes (transition requires a 28 -day metabolic cycle), which is the key supplementary object of the lack of skin barrier.

2. Relieve skin irritation and soothing inflammation.

3. With potential antibacterial activity, it can eliminate many harmful bacteria on the skin and reduce the skin damage.

4. Inhibit TPA -induced epidermal growth.

5. Stimulate the keratinization cell differentiation of the human body. This function can be simply understood as anti -aging.