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What is the best quality real pearl powder?

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What pearl powder rich in nutrients?

18 amino acids, of which 7 is necessary for human body, more than 20 kinds of trace elements, pearl protein and polypeptide, biological activity of calcium.

Pearl powder is made of what kind of polished pearl?

Almost all of the pearls are freshwater pearls milled powder made of freshwater pearls because pearls are part of a nuclear-free, all nacre secreted by the parent shell composed of freshwater pearls and high yield, the highest price; and the sea pearl farming is part of nuclear and low production, high prices, so seawater pearl grinding pearl powder is unrealistic, not only contain impurities, and expensive, for some ads claiming seawater pearl powder phenomenon not comment.Pearl powder manufacturer - ZHENYIBIO

Counterfeit pearl powder What are the dangers of it?

1. Clogged pores

In addition to counterfeit pearl pearl powder component, will be mixed with a lot of talc, calcium carbonate, shell powder, or other substances that poor skin-friendly, non-uniform particle size. In the external massage, the process of surface covered in easy to plug the pores, long-term use of such pearl powder, not only will not make the skin delicate, but will make the larger pores thicker, and even lead to skin metabolism.

2. Wear skin

Counterfeit pearl powder in addition to the ingredients impure, and coarse particles of the problem, because the primitive machinery and equipment, often also with a lot of sharp edges on this pearl powder particles. When this powder is applied to the skin, not only tingling, but also easy to wear lead to skin allergies.

3. Skin infections

Kill the mussels take in beads, the beads were washed, pearl grinding process, the need to operate in accordance with standards, especially in the grinding process, the need to ensure timely and effective disinfection, pearl powder in order to ensure quality and hygiene. The counterfeit pearl powder during the manufacturing process, is no guarantee that the production process clean and sanitary and aseptic, it produced pearl powder may carry more bacteria can also cause skin infections when used.

4. The chemical residues

Many small businesses to use the cheapest and easiest method of producing relatively fine pearl powder, at the use of chemicals, which not only destroy the organic and natural pearl powder, pearl powder is also easy to make the remaining chemical composition, the use of easy to make rough skin, dander increased, enlarged pores and other issues.

Four easy way to distinguish between true and false pearl powder?

1) smell the smell: pure pearl powder will have a touch of salty flavor; fake pearl powder is generally no taste.

2) Look Color: pure pearl powder is generally pale gray, rather than pure white; fake pearl powder is generally white majority.

3) Test with vinegar: pure pearl powder containing calcium carbonate, pearl powder poured in vinegar will generate a lot of air bubbles, and pearl powder not sink immediately, but will float on the vinegar, separated by vertical particle form gradually sank; small bubbles false pearl powder is generally produced directly and easily sink in vinegar.

4) The use of fire burning: pure pearl powder after the fire burning will pale yellow color, instead of black; fake pearl powder is generally black powdery substance appears.

The four basic ways to determine the true and false pearl powder, but not as an absolute authority of the authentication result. For the absolute authority of the result of the discrimination, or should go re-examination of the testing organization.pure pearl powder - ZHENYIBIO

How pearl powder should use it?

1. Whitening:

Each time a small amount of pearl powder and cream or lotion to reconcile, can be applied to the face whitening and moisture retention.

2. Acne:

Thoroughly clean the skin before going to bed, with a little water to mix pearl powder, at the point in acne, wash away the next morning, which can effectively prevent the breeding of acne without leaving any traces.

3. To black:

The amount of water added to reconcile pearl powder, pearl powder and then on the face, where the black gently rubbing until dry pearl face powder, washed with water to the face.

4. Oil:

After cleansing the incorporation of a little pearl powder cleanser to clean the face, can deep clean the skin pores, remove dirt, leaving skin clean and fresh, whitening moisture.

5. Blemish:

Pearl powder to mix with water, after cleaning Apply on the face, gently massage into skin spot sites, pearl powder until dry, rinse with water, can make skin smooth stick trace.

6. Myogenic:

Skin thoroughly cleaned before each use, with the appropriate amount of serum or pearl powder with water to reconcile compact, fine lines applied to the face, gently 5-10 minutes, which can effectively prevent wrinkling of skin aging, young.

7. Pearl aloe mask:

Aloe juice and take appropriate pearl powder, stirring said paste, and then evenly on the face and neck, when the start of the drying, apply a second layer, wash with water after 20 minutes - to prevent skin laxity, delay skin aging .

8. Pearl cream (can be used as foundation):

After cleaning face, take appropriate pearl powder and daily skin care products to fully reconcile, even applied to the face, gently massage can be - can form a protective layer of moisture on the face, nutrition, skin, isolated external stimuli, natural whitening.

Common pearl powder resolve the problem:

Why pearl powder "clumping" phenomenon?

Qualified pure pearl powder fineness is very high, at least, will be more than 2000 projects, due to the strong adsorption capacity, it can not exist independently, there will be the phenomenon of pseudo into a group, but as long as the hand will push the spread, which is damp and Different.

Pearl powder will appear allergic phenomenon it?

1. skin allergies: natural pearl powder for people allergic to few, but it is not absolutely impossible, it is recommended prone to allergies friends before you can use root first try in the ear.

2. pseudo-allergic: pearl powder oil control effect is very strong, if used too often, moisture work to do and not enough in place, can cause dry skin, which occurred itching or molt, dry skin, it is recommended to use a friend the next day.

Why pearl powder is light gray?

Eligible pure pearl powder particles as small diameter, light reflection ability is weakened, it will look into the light gray powder.

Why is there a hint of pearl powder salty smell?

Pure pearl powder should be qualified by physical fine powder technology, you can not use any chemicals, so pearl powder retains its original flavor.