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What's the main function of ginger extract?

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Ginger Extract is a fresh root stalk of Jiangke's perennial plants Ginger Extract (Zingiber Officinale Roscoe), 40 ~ 100cm. The varieties are: Qingzhou Zhu Rennong Mountain Agriculture No. 1 Ginger Extract Qingzhou Little Huang Jiang. Don't have Ginger Extract roots, spicy clouds, emservations, Dihin, Yan Cai, fresh ginger, honey ginger. Ginger's root (dry ginger), plug (ginger), leaf (Ginger Extract leaf) can be used. Ginger Extract has divergent, vomiting, and cough equivalents in Chinese medicine.

Ginger Extract contains spicy and aromatic ingredients. Spicy ingredients are "gingeride" in aromatic volatile oils. Among them, Ginger Extract hydrocene, camphuroid, ginger, eucalyptus oil, starch, mucus, etc.

Ginger extract's main effect

Role of digestive system

Ginger Extract is an effective drug for the treatment of hydrochloric acid-ethanol ulcers, and its effective ingredient is ginger, and has the effect of protecting gastric mucosa cells. In aromatic gastrointestinal drugs, especially in Jiangke plants contain Ginger Extract and other terpenoids, it is one of the effective ingredients of Jose. The secretion of Ginger Extract decoction on dog sposic acid and gastric juice is inhibited and excited, and inhibition within the first few hours, it will follow the excitement of longer. Ginger Extract branches (10%) 1.2 mg / only to rats can significantly inhibit hydrochloric acid and shoulder gastric mucosa damage, after blocking PG synthesis, the protective effect of Ginger Extract disappears, indicating that the protection mechanism may Related to promoting gastric mucosa synthesis and reducing endogenous PG.ginger extract manufacturer - ZHENYIBIO

Ginger Extract can reduce the effect of gastric protease, and the effect of fat decomposer is enhanced. Ginger Extract can severely destroy the amylase in the pancreatic enzyme, so that the trifase is significantly reduced to the digestion of starch. The beta-amylase in the amylase can also be suppressed to hinder the starch gum.

Ginger Extract can act in sympathetic nerves and vagus nervous systems, and there is a role in suppressing gastrointestinal and direct excitement. The absorption of sulfamer was studied using rat intestine repurcation method. The results showed that the water extract of Ginger Extract has significant absorption to promote its bioavailability and give full play to the efficacy.

Ginger Extract extract can inhibit the vomiting of dogs caused by copper sulfate. From the mixture of Ginger Extract and ginger, the mixture of Ginger Extract is also thereon, the minimum effective amount is 3mg, and the pigeons caused by the Chinese paters and the pigeons caused by the Chinese pigeon vomiting. It is believed that Ginger Extract has tipping effects.

Ginger Extract ketone is given to Ginger Extract ketone, and the peristalsis is reduced. Ginger Extract is a kind of ventilation, which has a mild stimuli to the digestive tract, which can increase the intestinal tension, rhythm and peristalticness, and it is time to decrease, which can be used for intestinal colic due to flatulence or other causes.

Experiments show that Ginger Extract oil has therapeutic effect on rat tetrachloride liver damage to rats, which can reduce serum SGPT; there is a preventive role in mouse tetrachloride liver injury, and can reduce BSP depression. Ginger Extract honey storage solution 5 ml / kg gave rats, there was also a therapeutic effect on tetrachloride liver damage, compared with the control group, serum SGPT and SGO were significantly reduced, liver leaf-failure, hepatocyte fat degeneration and necrosis Lighter; the liver injury caused by 60% ethanol is also effective.

The role of circulatory systems and respiratory systems

The Ginger Extract alcohol extract is excited to the anesthetic cat vascular movement center and the breathing center, which also has direct excitement to the heart. Normal people chew Ginger Extract 1g (did not swallow), which increased the average of 1.489 kPa (11.2 mmHg), and the diastolic pressure rose 1.862 kPa (14mmHg). There was no significant impact on the pulse ratio.

The water extract of Ginger Extract can significantly reduce the amount of human platelet marker peanut (AA) to form TXB2 and PGS, reducing the formation of peroxides within PG, and has a strong inhibiting platelet aggregation.

The role of the central nervous system

Ginger Extract has an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system. Ginger Extract oil can significantly inhibit spontaneous activity of mice, prolong the sodium sleeping time of glutarbar, anti-glurential nitrogen convulsions, analgesia, and reduce yeast heat rat body temperature. The role of the central nerve is the level of spinal cord, which may have some connection with the easy-to-chemical process of suppressing excitatory synapses.

0.4 ml / kg of Ginger Extract oil is given to the rats, which has a significant inhibitory effect on the egg white premium, and the effect is 5 hours, the strength is approximately aspirin 300mg / kg; 0.25 ml / kg to the rats, can significantly inhibit the cotton ball meat bud Swelling, and increases the thymus, the weight of the adrenal gland increases, suggesting that its anti-inflammatory effects may be related to the excitatory pituitary - adrenal cortex system. Gas oil 0.25 ~ 0.4 ml / kg gave a significant inhibitory effect on mice in the mouse, histamine or acetic acid in the mouse, histamine or acetic acid. The mouse abdominal injection of fresh Ginger Extract injection 5 g / kg or 10 g / kg, there is a significant analgesic effect.

Anti-pathogenic microbial effect

The Ginger Extract extract has a significant inhibitory effect on golden Staphylococcus aureus, white Staphylococcus, Sapoccus, Tamquate, Song Dusentery, and Pseudomonas, the effect is dependent on the concentration. Especially in inhibitory effects of Flavisococcus aureus and white Staphylococcus. The Ginger Extract root extract and HBsAg were once 1 to 3 hours to reduce the P / N value of HBsAg to decrease, but the decline rate was no longer increased after more than 3 hours. Gingerbreader has a strong bactericidal effect on the injured Hanobacterium and cholerauris in vitro. There is a inhibitory effect on the fursene in the test tube. The Ginger Extract alcohol and gingerol have the effect of killing the molluster and killing schistosomiasis, which can be used to treat schistosomiasis.

Anti-oxidize effect

Studies have shown that Ginger Extract has an antioxidant effect. Add 5% ~ 10% Ginger Extract in fat pork to boil for 1 to 4 hours, prevent pork from corruption; use this method for 4 hours of fat, its peroxide value (POV) and thiobarburic acid (TBA) It is similar to fresh fat pork; 20% or 50% Ginger Extract boiled for 4 hours of fat pork, placed at a temperature of 30 ° C for 90 days, and its POV and TBA have almost no change. The oxidation of ginger, ethanol and ether extracts on potassium hydrophane is also significantly inhibited. There is also a report that the addition of the activated oxygen removal or Ginger Extract extract, can inhibit DNA damage caused by lipid peroxidation; Ginger Extract extract can also inhibit the production of active oxygen and oxidation of linoleic acid.

The Ginger Extract mud and Ginger Extract leaching fluid has a significant role in promoting the healing of trauma. Ginger Extract juice can inhibit cancer cell growth to a certain extent. Add Ginger Extract extract in some anti-tumor drugs to reduce the side effects of tumor drugs. Ginger Extract has a significant blocking effect on nitrification reaction under simulating gastric fluid conditions, inhibiting the effective ingredient of nitrite synthesis to heat stabilization, and after heating in boiling water, it remains quite incentive. Ginger Extract extracts have anti-allergic drug effects that prevent allergic shocks and prevent urticaria caused by certain fish proteins.