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How does Silk Fibroins Serum work?

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Modern medical experiments have further proved that the protein content of silk is much higher than that of pearls. Among them, the nitrogen content is 37 times higher than that of pearls, and the main amino acid content is up to 10 times. These amino acids can be directly used for human hair, skin absorption and adsorption. That is, the outer layer of the human skin is easier to penetrate and accelerate the metabolism of the skin.

Silk is divided into two parts: Silk Fibroins and filament protein. Silkylin is wrapped in Silk Fibroins, which has a protective and adhesive effect on syquin protein. Silk Fibroins is a natural polymer fibrin in the silk, accounting for 70%to 80%of the silk fiber component.

Silk Fibroins, also known as Silk Fibroins, is a natural polymer fibrin extracted from silk, which accounts for about 70%to 80%of the silk, contains 18 amino acids, of which glycine (GLY), alanine (ALA) and The serine (SER) accounts for about 80%of the total composition. Among them, brightened acid can accelerate the metabolism of cells, lingic acid and susteine ??can delay skin aging, and chromine and tyrosine can absorb ultraviolet rays. It has no toxic, sensitivity and stimulus, safe and reliable, and has good biocompatibility comparable to collagen, which is in line with the new century human green consumption concept.Silk Fibroins

Application of Sisiin

As a good natural moisturizing factors, its natural moisturizing function is not only conducive to skin care and good sunscreen effects. In addition, it has antioxidant and inhibitory effects on skin cancer. It can be used for skin care and cosmetics. production material. Because Silk Fibroins can increase the water content of the skin stratum corneum, promote collagen synthesis, enhance the tension and elasticity of the skin, promote pigmentation, and uniform skin tone. Therefore It is elastic, and has improved significantly for gray yellow, dull, dry lines, and relaxing skin problems.

The efficacy and effect of Silk Fibroins are anti -ultraviolet, whitening, and moisturizing. Symatic and linoine in syntomine can absorb ultraviolet rays, so it has a good anti -ultraviolet effect. Silly protein can inhibit melanin and improve the dullness of the skin from the inside out. Small molecular proteins containing a variety of amino acids can provide whitening nutrients for the skin, and play a role in whitening and hydrating.

Silk Fibroins is a natural skin care product raw material. Due to its obvious effect and no side effects, it has huge advantages and development space in the field of beauty and skin care.

Four great benefits of Silk Fibroins

At present, the most commonly used hydrating ingredients on the market are hyaluronic acid. Taking it as an example, although it has powerful moisturizing functions and a certain anti -aging and anti -inflammatory effects, compared to the obvious siccin protein compared to the symbolic protein, which is obviously synthetic protein, There are more functions, not only the same strong moisturizing effect, but also sryalin can effectively inhibit the formation of hyperasease. The average resistance of UVB is as high as 90%, and the anti -UVA ability is more than 50%, that is, it is more powerful. Black and anti -UV effect. For the vast majority of skin care products, there are very few components of moisturizing, whitening, whitening, wrinkle, sun protection, and anti -inflammatory. There are still high application prospects in the case.

1. Good comfort. Silk Fibroins protein has a smooth surface and low friction to the human body, so it can better protect each inch of our skin and avoid stimulation.

2. Water absorption and waterproof. Silk Fibroins is rich in a variety of hydrophilic groups. It contains a lot of natural moisturizing factors that can penetrate the bottom layer of the skin and can absorb moisture or emit water in the air. In winter, you can keep your skin locking water, so as not to feel dry, even tight, and cracking. In summer, calories and sweat can be radiated in time to keep it refreshing.

3. Good gloss. Silk Fibroins is a pure natural product extracted from silk, so the fabric silk woven from silk is shiny.

4, anti -ultraviolet effects are good. Silly protein contains colored acid and chromine. They can absorb ultraviolet rays and have excellent anti -ultraviolet effects.

Six role of Silk Fibroins

1. Moisturizing function: The skin of Silk Fibroins is very strong. When it forms a film on the skin surface, it can not only absorb water when the outside humidity is large, but also release water when the outside world is dry, so that our skin keeps our skin always Maintain the best water content. When your skin barrier is damaged, you need a natural product that does not irritate and has a good moisturizing function to help you repair your skin.

2. Anti -wrinkle function: Silk Fibroins is called "fiber queen". Its fibrous protein can enhance skin elasticity, speed up skin metabolism, and prevent wrinkles from forming.

3. Delaying aging function: collagen is the main cause of ensuring that the skin will not aging, but once the collagen is lost, it cannot be regenerated. The main amino acids of symbolic protein are very similar to collagen. At this time, it can accelerate cell metabolism, repair stratum corneum, delay skin aging, and slow down aging.

4. Sunscreen function: Symine, pyrine plays a biggest role in them, which greatly reduces the damage of ultraviolet rays to our skin. Not only can it be sunscreen, but long -term use can delay the aging caused by the aging of light.

5. Whitening function: Silk Fibroins can inhibit the formation of melanin in the skin. There is less melanin, and at the same time, it has sunscreen function, and naturally the skin will become fair and delicate.

6. Hair care function: After the hydrolysis of Silk Fibroins, it becomes a silk peptide. The membrane of the silk peptide is very good, which can give the hair gloss and moisturizing. Make hair from external chemical damage and heat damage, provide nutrients required for hair, moisturize the hair, and provide the required nutrients.