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Is ellagic acid good for hair

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Ellagic acid is also known as tadel acid and Huzi acid. Ellagic acid compounds mainly exist in various fruits, such as Israeli pomegranate, Maska grapes in small U ingredients, and Canadian wild blueberries and other trees. Berry, BlackBerry and other fruits.

Ellagic acid is mainly extracted from pomegranate, blackberry, cranberries, blueberries, and walnuts.

According to studies, Ellagic acid has a clearance effect on oxygen free radicals and hydroxyl radicals. The ability to remove free radicals is higher than that of sesame phenol, olive leaf extract, lutein, and elemental blue and white. Human -known things that are the most anti -aging effects.

It has a variety of biological activity functions, such as anti -oxidation function, anti -cancer, resistance to mutation performance, and inhibitory effect on human immune defect virus.

In addition, it is also an effective coagulation that has a good effect on a variety of bacteria and viruses, which can protect the wounds from the invasion of bacteria, prevent infection, and inhibit ulcers.ellagic acid skin - ZHENYIBIO

At the same time, it was found that Ellagic acid also had antihypertensive and sedative effects.

Ellagic acid has both whitening and antioxidant effects. It has now become one of the recognized and effective whitening ingredients, and it is the first among whitening ingredient families. Ellagic acid can inhibit the activity of tyrosine (which is a key enzyme for melanin formation), blocking the formation of melanin, and achieved the effect of whitening and light spots.

In addition to whitening effects, because Ellagic acid has a variety of biological activity functions, the ingredients are mild and stable and non -irritating. From the 1980s, it has applied it to the clinical trial stage. The Institute of Brookings Institute in the United States said that "Tenanic acid is the only natural variety of anti -cancer products in the past ten years", which can be detected that it can fight cancer in various ways, causing carcinogens to lose vitality and slow down cancer cell growth. Special It has a good inhibitory effect on colon cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, tongue and skin tumors.

Efficacy of Ellagic acid:

Antioxidant: Studies have shown that the antioxidant effects of plant extract Ellagic acid are mainly manifested in directly clearing active oxygen free radicals, inhibiting oxidation stress, enhanced antioxidant activity and gene expression, lipid -resistant oxidation, maintaining cell membrane stability Sex, reduce DNA damage, etc.

Anti -tumor effect: Research in recent years has shown that plant extract Ellagic acid is effective in breast cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer and other tumors. Cell apoptosis, removing carcinogens of the DNA chain, blocking virus infection, and inhibiting the growth of tumor new blood vessels in tumor growth and metastasis, anti -inflammatory, delaying anti -tumor drug resistance and other effects.

Anti -inflammatory, antibacterial and antisidial effects: Studies show that Ellagic acid can reduce the symptoms of renal toxicity induced by cisplatin anticancer drugs. Pomegranate dermatot acid has inhibitory effects on E. coli, Golden Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus Bacillus, Salmonella, and Greenworm, and can protect the wounds from the invasion of bacteria, prevent infection, and inhibit ulcer. In addition, Ellagic acid It can alleviate the hepatic symptoms caused by alcohol, and fight against simple herpes virus and human papilloma virus, with antisidability.

Other functions: Ellagic acid can inhibit delayed skin allergic reactions; reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease; have coagulation function; reduce the pigmentation of the skin.