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Salidroside's six functions in cosmetics

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1. Rhodiola salidroside increase enzyme activity

The active ingredients in rhodiola can promote the full combination of human hemoglobin and oxygen, so that some oxygen in the body can enter the blood, thereby reducing the oxygen consumption of the human blood to oxygen. In this way, the effect of enhancing the activity of superoxide dismutase can be achieved, so that the effect of invigorating blood can naturally be achieved.

2. Rhodiola rosea extract make the skin more rosy

Because blood rich in oxygen is relatively red, and the blood flow in the capillaries is relatively more active, so that the skin can show a more rosy state, so that your skin exudes a different kind of vitality, and the appearance is also It will become radiant, so many friends who insist on using Rhodiola will find that their skin becomes much softer than before using this cosmetic.rhodiola salidroside price - ZHENYIBIO

3. Rhodiola crenulata extract repair damaged cells

Because Rhodiola rosea itself has a very good anti-bacterial, astringent and analgesic effect, the use of cosmetics containing Rhodiola can protect the damaged cells of the skin, and naturally it can ensure some acne to a large extent. Acne or other skin problems caused by inflammation can stay away from you, so as to ensure that your skin becomes more perfect.

4. Rhodiola extract anti-aging

Rhodiola has a stimulating effect on fibroblasts in the dermis, which promotes the division of fibroblasts and their synthesis and secretion of collagen. At the same time, collagenase is also secreted to decompose the original collagen, but the total secretion is greater than the decomposition. Collagen forms collagen fibers outside the cells, and the increase in the content of collagen fibers indicates that Rhodiola has a certain anti-aging effect on the skin.

5. Salidroside whitening

Rhodiola rosea extract inhibits the activity of tyrosinase and reduces its catalytic speed, thereby reducing the production of skin melanin, improving skin pigmentation, and achieving skin whitening effects.

6. Salidroside sunscreen

Rhodiola extract has a protective effect on cells, and its protective effect is stronger under light conditions. This is because salidroside absorbs light energy and at the same time converts light energy into energy that is non-toxic to cells, thereby acting on cells. To the protective effect. Salidroside can obviously inhibit the increase of inflammatory cytokines caused by ultraviolet radiation, and has obvious protective effect on skin damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

An experimental study on the sunscreen function of Rhodiola rosea found: (1) A cream made with only 0.2% Rhodiola extract has a sun protection index of 2.5-3.0; (2) A cream made with only 0.2% Rhodiola extract has a sun protection index of 2.5-3.0; The cream made of ginseng extract has a sun protection index of 2.0-2.5, indicating that the sunscreen ability of rhodiola is higher than that of ginseng; (3) a cream made with 0.1% rhodiola extract and 0.1% ginseng extract Cream, SPF is about 4.0.