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The mechanism and efficacy of asiaticoside

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Asiaticoside is usually added as skin conditioning agent and smoothing agent to skin care products to soothe and nourish the skin. Youth Vitamin X "ingredients can promote the effect of brain and endocrine glands)

The effective ingredients in Cedar Asiaticoside are mainly cedarcosidoside and hydroxyl meltosidoside. It has been used for thousands of years to remove scar removal and promote wound healing. The main mechanism is mainly achieved through the following aspects:

Mechanism 1: Promote the growth of fibroblasts (fibroblasts are the main cell components of loose connective tissues, and fibrous cells in mature or static state become fibroblasts) In the process of wound healing as an example, formal fibroblasts have a large amount of proliferation through filament division, which will synthesize and secrete a large amount of collagen fibers and matrix components from 4-6 days. Cell coverage creation conditions.) Make skin damage repair;

Mechanism 2: Promote collagen synthesis and epithelial cell growth, so that the effect of repairing scars and removing scars (scars within 1 year can be restored, scars of 2-5 years can be repaired, and 5 years or more are basically not significant. I have added the eyelashes growth solution);

Mechanism three: By inhibiting inflammation to achieve anti -inflammatory effects.

Based on the above -mentioned mechanism of mechanism, the beneficial effects of Clampoors can be summarized on the skin. These effects include: 1 skin injury repair; 2. slowing skin ulcers; 3. removing scars; 4. repair and help promote aging skin new life 5. Anti -honeycomb woven inflammation removal of stretch marks

Asiaticoside can treat skin ulcers, such as refractory trauma, skin tuberculosis, leprosy, etc. For mice, guinea pigs, rabbit muscle injection or subcutaneous implantation, it can promote skin growth, increased local white blood cells, hyperplasia of connective tissue disk networks, increased mucus secretion, and accelerated growth of hair and tail. There have been reports of cream with 0.25 to 1%alcohol extract (including citrus oxalic acid and cedar glycoside) containing cream (including embryos or young cows, pork or sheep skin, liver, and brain Water alcohol extract) treats skin diseases and achieves good results.asiaticoside

The role of Asiaticoside:

1. Anti -gastric ulcer effect

Asiaticoside can improve the level of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain of the gastric ulcer model. It can also reduce the activity of gastric acid secretion and gastric protease, showing a good anti-ulcer effect.

2. Enhance memory effect

Asiaticoside can significantly improve the memory of the rat in the passive avoidance of the test.

3. The role of the central nervous system

Asiaticoside has a strong central inhibitory effect and gallophylline effect.

4. Antibacterial effect

Asiaticoside has the effects of antibacterial and antiviral, and has inhibitory effects on Greenworm, Bacteria and Staphylococcus aureus. In addition, cedar gogin can also dissolve bacterial wax films.

5. Stimulate biological synthesis effect

The extraction of the crickets of the crickets can significantly affect the biological synthesis of cell proliferation, protein and protein and protein, and make collagen and fibromin binding significantly increased significantly.

6. The role of skin tissue

It can accelerate wound healing, promote skin growth, increase local white blood cells, hyperplasia of connective tissue vascular networks, and increased mucus secretion.

7. Other functions

Clear grass rough rats are orally for female rats, showing the active activity of obvious lasting and reducing fertility; reducing heart compression and heart rate; antiviral, anti -tension, and anti -stress.

Asiaticoside Effect

1. Make the skin smoother. Asiaticoside can be tightened and the dermis is connected to make the skin softer, which helps solve the skin relaxation of the skin, making the skin smoother and elastic.

2. Antioxidant. Asiaticoside has antioxidant effects, can also remove aging stratum corneum, promote skin metabolism, increase skin elasticity, and supplement nutrients. There are 15 grams of ciba grass, 5 grams of large raw land, 15 grams of raw hawthorn, and a moderate amount of rock sugar. Add water for 3-5 minutes. After filtering the juice, add rock sugar to drink. Normal service can nourish the skin and delay aging.

3. Treatment of skin ulcers. Asiaticosidea contains cedaricoside, which can promote skin growth, increase in local leukocytes, hyperplasia of connective tissue tubes, increased mucus secretion, and accelerate growth of hair and tail. Sex trauma.

4. Promote protein regeneration. Asiaticoside can help promote the formation of collagen in the skin dermis, regenerate fiber protein, help reduce the tension of the skin, and make the skin firm and smooth.

5. Promote the leprosy of the skin damage. The water extract of the cumulative grassy buds has antibacterial effects. This may be related to the wax membrane that can dissolve bacteria, so that bacteria are destroyed by other drugs or body defense functions. Therefore, cedar gogin can be used to treat leprosy.

6. Relieve allergies. Asiaticosideion contains a variety of A -fragrance -alcohol -shaped components, which has a sedative and stable effect. Adding to skin care products can help to calm the skin and relieve sensitive phenomena.

7. Inhibit edema. Asiaticosidetrokes have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, dampness and swelling, and help the damaged skin tissue repair.