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What are the effects and functions of tranexamic acid?

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Tranexamic acid has many benefits to human skin. For example, due to various reasons, the pigment will be calm and calm on the human skin, which will cause the skin to become darker and darker. In addition, some people often get acne and acne. After the elimination, acne marks will continue to remain. For this kind of skin problem, tranexamic acid has a very good healing effect. In addition, tranexamic acid also has the effect of preventing melasma, so the main use is very common.

The effect of tranexamic acid

Tranexamic acid is a trypsin retarder, which can inhibit the catalytic reaction of trypsin to the peptide bond hydrolysis reaction, thereby blocking the activity of enzymes such as original trypsin; its skin whitening system is to inhibit osteoclasts and melanocytes The specificity of the dermis reduces the conversion of melanin into the dermis, and completely determines the way of pigment production due to ultraviolet radiation.Tranexamic acid skin care - ZHENYIBIO

The actual effect of tranexamic acid is stable and does not require the maintenance of very medium. It is soft and safe and non-irritating. The tranexamic acid in each product of the Grammy series is 0.5-1% of the safety plus the amount, and then mixed with vitamins. Compound C and a-arbutin can repair uneven skin tone, repair UV damage, and complete deep "whitening skin" from the deep level of the skin; then use ceramide, nicotinamide, algae oligosaccharides, and pure natural herbal plant extracts (Glycyrrhiza) and other components constitute safe and efficient repairing ingredients, according to the soft repair of the skin surface, promote the basic metabolism of somatic cells, from the skin surface to complete "light" whitening and freckle; thereby maintaining the skin's crystal clear, transparent and healthy physical and mental skin color.

The mechanism of tranexamic acid whitening

Tranexamic acid was originally a synthetic amino acid, which has the pharmacological effects of hemostasis and anti-inflammatory, and is used as a blood coagulant in medicine. Later, it was discovered that it had beauty effects such as whitening and was gradually used in skin care and beauty products. First of all, Tranexamic acid is not acid, and its PH value is between 7-8, which is very close to the PH value of our own skin, and will not cause allergies or irritation problems. Because of its unique effect on the skin, the skin has the whitening effect of "whiteness and redness", so it is loved by many women.

It is mainly a protein enzyme inhibitor that catalyzes the hydrolysis of peptide bonds. It can effectively inhibit the enhancement of black, prevent the disorder of epidermal cell function, whiten the skin, and improve the problem of skin pigmentation. As long as it is spots, it will be related to melanin. Tranexamic acid can reduce the production of melanin. For people with various spots and dark yellow skin, it has a significant effect of whitening and brightening the skin tone.Tranexamic acid whitening - ZHENYIBIO

The characteristics of tranexamic acid

1. Good reliability

Compared with traditional whitening ingredients, tranexamic acid has high reliability, resistance to pH, and is not easily affected by temperature and natural environment. It does not require media maintenance, will not be damaged by the transmission system, and is non-irritating.

2. The skin system is easy to digest and absorb

It can immediately block the specificization of melanocytes and improve the activity of pigments. Its soft, non-irritating properties are very suitable for whitening and removing freckles, whitening skin and balancing the overall skin color and whiteness. In addition to diminishing spots, tranexamic acid can also improve the overall skin color transparency and the dullness of some skin blocks, so that the skin has "whiteness and redness" to yellow and whiten.

3. Especially suitable for black spots and freckles

Tranexamic acid has excellent practical effects for inhibiting the production of pigments, preventing black spots, freckles, and liver spots. Black spots are caused by factors such as ultraviolet light damage and skin aging, and the body will continue to produce them. Once the dark spots are produced, the skin cells in the dark spots will continue to damage and activate melanocytes. The total number of pigments increased, the total area of ??black spots continued to expand, and the melanin of dark spots continued to deepen. Dark spots will change from shallow to dark, increase from small, and grow from small.

4. Safety factor

It is non-irritating to the skin. Tranexamic acid is a whitening ingredient that has been patented in skin care products. Many years of clinical trials have confirmed that tranexamic acid can effectively whiten the skin and eliminate dark spots, leaving the skin to show the ultimate skin type with whiteness, radiance and radiance.