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What are the health functions of green tea extract (tea polyphenols)?

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Tea polyphenols are often used as new types of biological activity such as excellent anti -radiation, anti -aging and anti -tumor treatment functions, removing harmful free radicals, enhanced body immunity, etc. Additives in green anticancer products. Tea polyphenol has a stable chemical structure and excellent antioxidant performance, which can better obstruct and inhibit lipid peroxidation process, maintain and improve the activity of enzymes in the human body, and achieve the effect of resistance to resistance and anti -cancer.

The health function of green tea extract (tea polyphenol):

1.Liphalium reduction effect

Tea polyphenols can significantly reduce the content of serum cholesterol, triglyceride, and low -density lipoprotein cholesterol content of hyperlipidemia, and at the same time, it has the effects of restoring and protecting vascular endothelial function. The lowering blood lipid -lowering effect of tea polyphenols is also one of the main reasons for tea to make obese people lose weight and not rebound.

2.Antioxidant effect

Tea polyphenol can block the process of lipid peroxidation, improve the activity of enzymes in the human body, and thereby showing the effect of resistance to mutation and anti -cancer.

3.Inhibit the role of tumor

Tea polyphenols can inhibit the synthesis of tumor cell DNA, induce mutation DNA to break, and therefore can inhibit the synthesis rate of tumor cells and further inhibit the growth of tumor growth.

4.Sterilization and detoxification effect

Catey polyphenols can kill botulinum and spores, inhibit the activity of external toxins from bacteria. It has antibacterial effects on various pathogenic bacteria that cause diarrhea, respiratory tract and skin infection. Golden Polychius, which causes purulent infections, burns, and trauma, has obvious inhibitory effects.

5.Watering and protecting the liver effect

Alcoholic liver injury is mainly free radical damage caused by ethanol. Tea polyphenols as free radical cleaner have the effect of inhibiting alcoholic liver injury.green tea extract

6. Poisoning effect

Severe environmental pollution has a significant toxic effect on human health. Tea polyphenols have a strong adsorption effect on heavy metals. It can form complexes with heavy metals and produce precipitation, which is conducive to reducing the poisoning of weighty metals on the human body. In addition, tea polyphenol also has the effect of improving liver function and diuretic, so it has a good anti -solution effect on alkaloid poisoning.

7. Improve the body's immunity

Tea polyphenols can improve the overall immune capacity of human immune activity by increasing the total amount of human immunoglobulin and maintaining it at a high level, stimulating the changes in antibody activity, and promoting the human body's own conditioning function.

The use of green tea extract (tea polyphenol)

1. High anti -oxidant

The health benefits of green tea extract are mainly due to its high antioxidant content. Antioxidants can fight cell damage caused by free radicals, thereby helping reduce oxidation stress. This cell damage is related to aging and various diseases.

Most of the antioxidant content of the polyphenol anti -oxidant known as the peaside catechin. Among the catechins in green tea, there is no meal cordonin and no meal acid ester (EGCG). It is considered to have the greatest health benefits.Studies have shown that green tea extract can enhance the human body's antioxidant capacity and prevent oxidation stress.

2. May promote heart health

Oxidation should increase the accumulation of fat in the blood, thereby promoting arterial inflammation and leading to hypertension. Antioxidants in green tea extract can reduce inflammation and help reduce blood pressure. They can also inhibit fat absorption in cells and help reduce blood lipid levels.

A study allowed 56 obese high -blood pressure people to take 379 mg of green tea extract every day for three months. Compared with the placebo group, their blood pressure decreased significantly.

In addition, their blood lipid levels are significantly reduced, including reducing triglyceride and total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.Another study of 33 healthy people found that taking 250 mg of green tea extracts per day, which lasts 8 weeks, can reduce total cholesterol 3.9 % and LDL cholesterol by 4.5 %. In view of the risk factor of heart disease, regulating it can promote heart health.

3. It is good for the brain

The antioxidant in green tea extracts, especially EGCG, has proven to protect brain cells from oxidation stress. This protection can help reduce mental weakness and Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and dementia brain diseases.In addition, green tea extracts can reduce the effects of heavy metals such as iron and copper, and both metals can damage brain cells. It is also proven to help memory by enhancing the connection between different parts of the brain.A study allowed 12 people to drink 27.5 grams of green tea extract or placebo. Then, while the participants performed the memory test, the brain image was obtained to evaluate the brain function.

Compared with the placebo group, the Green Tea extract shows the enhancement of the brain function and the improvement of task performance.

4. Can help lose weight

Green tea extract is rich in catechins, and contains an appropriate amount of caffeine. Catechins and caffeine have proven to help lose weight by regulating hormones that can enhance thermal fever.

A study allowed 14 people to take a capsule before dining, which contains caffeine, EGCG and Gwada extracts in green tea. Then checked the influence of calories.

Studies have found that participants burned more than 179 calories in the next 24 hours.

Another study showed that after consumption of green tea extraction capsules containing 50 mg caffeine and 90 mg EGCG, 10 healthy men burned 4 % calories within 24 hours.In addition, a 12 -week study (for 115 ultra -heavy women taking 856 mg of green tea extracts per day) observed that the weight of the participants was 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg).

5. It may be beneficial to liver functionCatechins in green tea extract may also help reduce inflammation caused by some liver diseases (such as non -alcoholic fatty liver disease (Nafld)). A study provides 80 participants with NAFLD with 500 mg of green tea extract or placebo per day. The green tea extract group shows that the level of liver enzymes is significantly reduced, which shows that liver health is improved.

Similarly, 17 NAFLD patients take 700 ml of green tea per day, including at least 1 gram of catechin for 12 weeks. In their liver fat content, inflammation and oxidation should be reduced.

6. Its ingredients may be beneficial to the skin

Whether it is a supplement or the skin, green tea extract can improve skin health. A large number of comments show that after the green tea extract is applied to the skin, it can help treat various skin problems, such as dermatitis, dregs, and warts. In addition, as a supplement, it has proven to help aging skin and acne.For example, a study shows that eating 1,500 mg of green tea extracts per day lasts for 4 weeks, which can significantly reduce redness caused by acne. In addition, supplements and local application of green tea extracts seem to help prevent skin condition, such as loss of skin elasticity, inflammation, premature aging and cancer caused by exposed to ultraviolet rays.

A research on 10 people shows that applying milk cream containing green tea extraction to the skin can improve skin elasticity for 60 days.In addition, a study shows that applying green tea extracts on the skin can reduce skin damage caused by sun exposure. Adding green tea extracts to cosmetics has shown a moisturizing effect, which is beneficial to the skin.

7. It may be good for sports performance and recovery

Green tea extract seems to be helpful for exercise, whether it is to improve the performance of exercise or enhance recovery capabilities. Although exercise has many benefits to health, as we all know, exercise will produce oxidation and damage human cells. Fortunately, antioxidants such as green tea catechins can reduce cell damage and delay muscle fatigue. In fact, a study of 35 men shows that the combination of green tea extract with 4 weeks of power training can enhance the human body's antioxidant protection ability.

In addition, 16 sprint players who take green tea extracts 4 weeks show greater resistance and can resist the oxidation stress generated by repeated sprint explosions. In addition, green tea extracts seem to be beneficial to motion performance. A study found that men with 14 wealth of green tea extracts increased by 10.9 % by 4 weeks.

8. May help reduce blood sugar

Catechins in green tea, especially EGCG, have shown the effect of enhancing insulin sensitivity and regulating blood glucose production. Both can reduce blood sugar levels. A study provides 14 healthy people with sugar -containing substances and 1.5 grams of green tea or placebo. Compared with the placebo group, the green tea group has higher blood sugar tolerance in 30 minutes, and continues to show better results. Another study shows that green tea extracts can increase the sensitivity of healthy young men by 13 %.

In addition, the analysis of 17 studies concluded that green tea extract can be used to reduce the level of empty blood glucose. It can also help reduce the level of hemoglobin A1C, which is the indicator of blood glucose levels in the past 2-3 months.

9. Easy to add to your dietGreen tea extract has liquid, powder and capsule form. The liquid extract can be diluted in the water, and the powder can be mixed into smoothie. However, it tastes strong. The recommended dose of green tea extract is 250–500 mg per day. This amount can be obtained from 3 to 5 cups of green tea (about 1.2 liters).

The most closely related to the health benefits of green tea extracts is EGCG, so you need to ensure that the supplements you eat contain this substance.