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Does alpha arbutin help with melasma?

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Arbutin is 4-hydroxyl-D-pyraogoscoside, also known as erylin, osogoside, cedar, ceduin, and so on. In addition to the effects of anti -inflammatory, bacteriostatic, antitussive, expectorant, and asthma, it is also inhibitors in human melanocytes. Arbutin can effectively inhibit biological biology in the skin Tyinase activity, blocking the formation of melanin, is directly combined with tyrosinase to accelerate the decomposition and excretion of melanin, thereby reducing skin pigment deposition and removing pigmentation and freckles. Because of the good whitening effect of the Arbutin, and the toxic side effects, the side effects are very small, which are widely added in whitening cosmetics. However, due to the small number of natural extracts of cycArbutin, a large number of extraction steps, and low output, most of the commercially available Arbutin is converted from hydrogen. Hydrogen has a large and side effect. Long -term use can cause skin exogenous melasma and white spots. After entering the blood, it can also cause skin toxicity, carcinogenicity, and genetic toxicity. The hydrogenation of hydrogen cymbals or oxoncosidin in the Arbutin contains hydrogen in the body will cause harm to the human body, so safety issues are also worthy of attention.

Arbutin contains a kind of Arbutin, formally the role of agarin, which can resist the activity of nosic acid enzymes in our bodies. Until disappearing.

The current known Arbutin is α-Arbutin, β-Arbutin and deoxyArbutin. α-Arbutin and deoxyArbutin are generally obtained through synthesis, while β-Arbutin can be separated from a variety of plants, such as thick leafye sheeta, black rice tree, bear fruit, and pear trees. β-Arbutin was found one after another, and its chemical name was 4-hydroxyl-β-D-pyride glycoside. The α-Arbutin is the different direction of β-Arbutin. Its chemical name is 4-hydroxyl-α-D-pyraogoside. Increasedoside. The deoxylin was first mentioned in HAMD's doctoral dissertation in HAMD in 2004. The chemical name is 4- [(2- tetrahydrology) oxygenol] phenol. In recent years, because they have found good whitening effects, they have received widespread attention from the international medical beauty industry.

Deoxyarbutin has a significant blocking effect on the melanin of the skin by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase. In the skin test of nude rats and guinea pigs, deoxylosin can effectively inhibit tyrosinase in the skin tissue, quickly and effectively make the skin clear. In 8 weeks, its efficacy is even 10 times that of phenylphenols, 350 times that of β-Arbutin, and 38.5 times that of currently popular α-Arbutin. According to the test results of human skin melanocytes, the safety concentration of the use of Deoxyarbutin is more than 4 times that of the safety concentration of deoxylosine.

The efficacy and role of Arbutin:

1. Light spots, glucose molecules are added to the molecular molecules of Arbutin. This substance is constantly reducing irritation. At the same time, it can also inhibit the activity of liquidinase and reduce melanin substances. At the same time Dilute the effect of light spots, whether it is pigmentation, freckles or melasma, the effect is still very good.

2. Renate the skin tone. After applying it, it can quickly penetrate into the skin after applying it. It is combined with the tyrosine that forms melanin to reduce its activity, speed up the decomposition of Milaning, and improve the brightness of the skin.

The purpose of Arbutin:

1) For high -grade cosmetics, it can be prepared into skin cream, freckle cream, advanced pearl paste, etc., which can both beauty and skin care, but also eliminate inflammation and resist irritation.

2) Raw material for burning and scalded drugs: Berthine is the main ingredient of new types of burns and burns. It is characterized by rapid pain relief, strong anti -inflammatory force, quickly eliminating redness and swelling, healing fast, leaving no scars.

3) The raw materials for intestinal anti -inflammatory medication: sterilization, anti -inflammatory effects, non -toxic side effects.

4) In fact, the main effect of bertosidin is to make the skin look young and beautiful.