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What's the applications for Allantoin?

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Overview of allantoin

Allantoin is a non -toxic, odorless, non -irritating, non -allergic white powder. It is mainly used for skin conditioning agents and protective agents, which can help skin anti -inflammatory, soothe and promote cell repair. Allantoin can reduce the adhesion of keratinocytes and accelerate the update of epidermal cells. Some cosmetics containing fructic acid and vitamin A with irritating or anti -inflammatory and sedative repair products will add olmarchin to enhance their repair ability. However, the dosage of the lipuin is about 0.1%-0.2%, and the additional amount will also cause a stimulus reaction. But in general, the olsine is anti -allergic ingredients and high safety.

Benefits of allantoin serum 

Allantoin belongs to an imidazole miscellaneous compound, which is a derivative of uric acid, which belongs to human skin's own ingredients. As a antioxidant, uric acid is produced after acting with free radicals. Promote the water absorption power of the skin and outer layer of hair, and to promote the hydrophilic capacity of the stratum corneum. Improving keratin pro -hydraulic, dissolving keratin has the effect of softening keratin. Accelerate cell regeneration, accelerate wound healing, and moderate exfoliation. The main is Shu Min's anti -stimulus (for example: stimulation, light sensitivity, allergies, etc.). Water dissolves, it is recommended to add 0.1-0.5%.Allantoin for sale -ZHENYIBIO

Allantoin is a sterilized derivative. Asaries are mainly used in cosmetics, agriculture and medicine. Actuagin is a bisexual compound in cosmetics. It has the functions of sterilization and anticorrosion, analgesic, and antioxidant. Special effect additives in cosmetics. Cosmetics that are added with creamy cosmetics have the effects of absorbing water and preventing water loss.

Allantoin can stimulate the role of plant growth, precocity and solid fruit. In terms of hospitals, olidin can promote the growth of cells, speed up wound healing, soften keratin, etc., and can also treat and relieve skin dryness, skin ulcer and other diseases, but cannot be used for a long time.

Allantoin can promote cell tissue growth, metabolism, and soften stratumin protein. When the creamy is used in ulcers and purulent skin, these properties are particularly obvious, so it has an acceleration of wound healing and is a good active agent that treats skin injury.

Allantoin was once known as an anti -stimulant, which can effectively reduce the stimulus stimulus. At the same time, it is also a antioxidant. It is similar to other water -soluble vitamins. Antioxidant ability. Therefore, the FDA of the US Food and Drug Administration lists it as the first type of high -efficiency living group skin care agent, which is non -toxic, no irritating, and no abnormal response.

In terms of personal care, Allantoin can promote the absorption of skin and the outermost tissue of the skin and hair, prevent water dispersion, make the skin soft, shiny, elastic, and make the hair without splitting and cracking. It can be used as additives such as cream, lotion, facial cleanser, hair milk, hair milk, hair, sunscreen, lipstick, shaving paste, acne paste, oral care (toothpaste, mouthwash) and other additives. It is used for wet towel formulas such as babies, makeup remover, and moisturizing, which plays moisturizing and moisturizing, anti -aging, preventing cracking, soothing anti -allergy, and promoting cell repair. Medicine has physiological functions such as promoting cell growth, promoting wound healing, softening stratumin protein, and restoring the skin or tissue to restore the original face. It is a good skin trauma healing agent. Ulcers and other skin medications. The chemical industry can be used as an intermediate raw material for mimazolehin and olored derivatives. It directly acts on the corner protein, increases and promotes the hydration ability of the stratum corneum, enhances its ability to combine water, reduce water loss, smooth the skin smoothly , Wet, elastic, reduce and treat skin dryness and moisturize the skin. At the same time, it has antioxidant effects.