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What's the difference between fish collagen peptide and collagen?

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Source of fish collagen peptide

The skin, bones, scales, muscles and other parts of aquatic animals are rich in collagen. At present, the split fish collagen is mainly distributed in the dermis, bones, scales, crickets, muscles and other parts. Analysis of the ingredients of fish scales can be known to know The glue protein rich in fish scales accounts for 10%to 40%of the total protein of fish scales, and the content of fish scales is small. Compared with the main raw material pork skin and cowhide of the currently produced collagen, it is more conducive to the extraction and extraction of collagen and Separation. The collagen content in fish meat is less than other parts, accounting for only 3%of the total protein.

Fish collagen powder benefits to the human body

1. The role of the skin

90%of the collagen contained in the human body are type I collagen. The collagen of fish scale and fish skin belongs to type I. It is similar to the human body. Some of them belong to V -type collagen. The content of fish skin and fish scales is high, accounting for about 70%of the crude protein in fish skin and fish scales.

After entering the dermis tissue, fish collagen can repair broken and aging elastic fiber nets, adding this plus skin tightness, which can fill the local collapse and make the skin tight and elastic. Fish collagen (polypeptide) is taken from fish skin and fish scales through biological enzymes. It is mainly used as type I collagen. The molecular weight is 2000 ~ 5000D0. It has high absorption. It has excellent affinity with human skin, and can play its functions of penetration, moisturizing, and repair.

2. Fitting on bone joints

Fish collagen can effectively prevent osteoporosis, and bone tissue consists of two components: organic and inorganic. The inorganic quality of the bone is mainly bone salt, of which 95%are solid calcium; the organic matter of the bone includes collagen and non -collagen, and more than 90%of collagen's mesh structure to maintain the integrity of the bone structure and the characteristics of osteo biological mechanics very important.

When the human body lacks collagen, it is not easy to fix the calcium, so the loss of calcium cannot be improved, which will affect the osteoporphic density and cause osteoporosis. Therefore, properly supplementing the collagen that will inevitably lose the human body to accommodate inorganic and organic substances such as calcium, which will help prevent the healing of injuries in the injury of osteoporosis or after the onset of osteoporosis.

3. The role of promoting metabolism and improving immunity

Collagen is widely distributed in the tendon of human muscles, cartilage tissue, connective tissue and skin dermis layer of the human muscle connection. The various symptoms caused by human aging are the manifestation of the decline of collagen metabolism. Therefore, the metabolism of collagen is very important. A moderate amount of collagen can help strengthen the functions of various tissues and organs and improve human immunity.best fish collagen peptide -ZHENYIBIO

The difference between fish collagen and collagen

1. Different physical and chemical properties

Collagen has a strong extension, insoluble in cold water, dilute acid, dilute alkali solution, and has good water retention and emulsification. Collagen is not easy to hydrolyze by general protease, but it can be broken by animal collagen enzymes. The fragmented fragments are automatically degenerated and can be hydrolyzed by ordinary protease.

When the pH is lower than neutral, the variability temperature of the collagen is 40 ~ 41 ° C. When the environment pH is acidic, the variability temperature of the collagen is 38 ~ 39 ° C.

2. Different uses

The collagen repair and break aging elastic fiber mesh, reorganize the skin tissue structure stretching wrinkles; in addition, it also clears the free radicals in the body and slower the aging of the skin.

Fish collagen contains a large number of polar groups, which is a moisturizing factor, and it has the effect of preventing tyrosine in the skin from converting into melanin. In beauty supplies.

3. Different sources

Collagen extracts collagen from the skin and bones of animals (pigs, cows). The collagen extracted by fish scales is mostly Luo Fei fish, because Luo Fei fish mainly grows in high temperature freshwater waters, and the vitality is more tenacious. The growth rate is much faster than the wild deep -sea fish, which greatly reduces the cost of raw materials for fish extracting collagen, and it is also a more popular cod collagen.

How to supplement fish collagen?

Foods developed by fish collagen polypeptides as raw materials are known as "cosmetics", and there are many dosage types: powder, tablets, granules and capsules. Fish collagen products sold in the market are mainly powder and tablets in domestic products, and foreign products are mainly oral liquid and soft capsules. The advantage of the powder is that it can be taken oral and external, which can meet the beauty needs of female consumers; while capsules and oral solution can add a variety of nutrients to make up for the loss of collagen, provide nutrition for skin, hair follicles and nails, delay delaying Aging and anti -wrinkled face, supporting the body is quite upright and plump.

It is not only the closest to the collagen composition in the human body, but it is closer to the collagen composition in the human body, and the absorption rate is much higher than the collagen from animals.