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What is adenosine triphosphate?

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The English abbreviation of adenosine triphosphat is ATP, which is an important chemical in the process of human metabolism, because cells regard it as a direct energy source. When combustion sugar and other nutrients, tricephosphates are secreted, and ATPs will consume ATP when cell participating in large molecules and production activities.

Triopinelinosine is a relatively small molecule, mainly in the human body metabolic process to undertake the role of energy media. In essence, the cells extract this chemical energy from different nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates and use this chemical energy to make ATP. These cells and then decompose triopensionine, because they participate in various activities.

ATP adenosine triphosphate Nutrition

When consumer food, the intestines absorb blood flow in these nutrients. Cells obtain these nutrients and chemical combustion to release energy. For example, one of the most important sources of cell energy is glucose, which is a molecule from starch and many sugar. When the cells break down glucose, carbon dioxide and water will produce waste. They can make about 30 triopensive genosylsine molecules released by the energy released by a single glucose molecule.

ATP decomposition

Once the cells are made into ATP, the adenosine can be used to meet any energy needs. Cells need energy to produce larger molecules such as hormones. Muscle cells use triopensive adenosine to produce activity. When cell production hormones are made, it will break down ATP molecules and use this energy to make new keys between small cells to produce larger cells. When a muscle cell contraction, it uses a large amount of ATP as fuel.adenosine triphosphate

Metabolism strategy

Although human cells can use each glucose molecules to produce about 30 triopine, and can make a large amount of ATP through combustion protein and fat, not all glucose metabolism can lead to such production activities. If there is no oxygen when burning sugar, each glucose molecule can only make two ATP molecules, which is also called anaerobic metabolism process.

ATP signal

The last important role of tritenuin genosol in the human body is as a cell signal. For example, when the cells are burning for nutrition or storage for future use, these cells will use ATP to help determine how to do. If a cell has sufficient trimensive adenosine, a signal of storage nutrients is sent to the cells instead of burning them. But if the number of ATP is too small, the signal will indicate that cells will burn nutrition immediately.

In simple terms, ATP is the energy carrier of the body. It is usually considered to be an organic energy currency, because it is particularly important for the energy metabolism and energy distribution of human cells. ATP is composed of different ingredients, and adenosine is only one of them. It once believes that ATP or adenosine is a substance that can only be produced by the many nutritional sources that the human body can only be absorbed, but now it has been made into supplements and powder, which can be added to your diet.

What is adenosine?

What is adenosine? Aginosine is an important part of the complicated compound of energy transmission and promoting cell pathways in the human body. It is essential for regulating various important physiological processes (including cardiovascular, nervous system, and respiratory system function. Aginosine is very important, so the lack of such substances in the human body will inevitably lead to death. A adenosine is an important part of many essential compounds of human body (that is, adenosine, first adenosine, diphonosylinosine, and adenosine). The difference between various adenosine is chemical composition and the functions that play in the human body. There is a battery that gradually decreases it compared with the amount of electricity, and ATP is full. Today, people have developed adenosine supplements to improve the adenosine reserves of the liver and other organs. Gonadosine supplements usually show two forms: ATP and AMP. Oral ATP is usually for exercise, while venous injection ATP is used to treat various diseases. On the other hand, AMP's most famous effect is to promote shingle rehabilitation.

What is adenosine dehydase deficiency?

Regarding the importance of adenosine, the most typical example is the impact of adenosine dehydration lack on the body. This disease is caused by mutations of adenosine dehydrase (ADA) genes, while adenosine dehydrasene genes are mainly responsible for the production of ADA. This deficiency usually occurs in babies who are born less than 6 months, but 10% to 15% of the disease also occur in the late childhood, which has a serious impact and may even be killed. ADA can promote decomposition of oxygenosine, which is essential for ensuring the normal operation of the immune system. Without this compound, metabolites begin to accumulate in the body, causing fatal damage to the immune system. This is one of the main causes of severe joint immune defects (SCID), and combined immune defects can cause a large number of infants to die, especially without diagnosis. Patients cannot resist any type of infection or virus, which eventually leads to lung damage and malnutrition. The treatment of this disease requires repairing the immune system, which can usually be achieved by enzyme replacement therapy (ERT). In this therapy, enzymes are injected into the body and used to replace the damaged enzymes.

Where can I get adenosine?

In addition to the supplement, you can also increase the adenosine or ATP reserves in the body by adding specific foods to the diet. The good news is that there are still many foods that need ATP to form the necessary ingredients. Some ingredients directly affect the generation of human ATP, including COQ10, L-carnine, D-core and omega-3 fatty acids. Consider taking ATP supplements, you should first consider optimizing your diet and intake of foods that help improve the level of adenosine. For the above ingredients, the most abundant foods include meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Specific examples include: · Animal Oceanic · Vegetables · Beef · Cauliflower · Sardines Sardoba · Spinach

How to use adenosine?

Most adenosine supplements exist in ATP. Such supplements are usually oral supplements. For exercise supplements, it can improve muscle function and promote blood flow. On the other hand, your doctor may use intravenous injection ATP to treat various serious diseases, such as multi -organ failure or cystic fiber. This supplement is injected into the muscles and used to treat diseases such as mucocar and tendon swelling. AMP -form adenosine can treat shingles by accelerating healing and relieving the pain of the disease. It helps prevent neuralgia after herpes, which is a common shingles complications, which can cause severe pain. If intravenous injection is used, adenosine can help reduce neurological pain, pulmonary hypertension, and tachycardia. Aigosine can also be used for diagnosis. In adenosine pressure test, patients are injected into a small amount of adenosine to expand arteries and increase blood flow. The mechanism of adenosine will imitate the effect of exercise on blood vessels, making it easier to detect thrombosis and blood vessels. In addition, evidence shows that adenosine directly affects sleep quality and physiological rhythm. The use of adenosine with melatonin can regulate the level of energy, achieve surge in energy, and eliminate fatigue. When awake, the level of adenosine reached the minimum, and then increased with the ATP level in one day. The higher the level of adenosine, the more tired the body is. If the level of human adenosine is higher, it will fall asleep faster.

Research on adenosine supplementary agent

Because adenosine is one of the most essential components of the human body, multiple studies have explored the effects of adenosine in the form of supplements. A 2012 study showed that if oral form is adopted, adenosine of three phosphates does not have biological effectiveness. In short, oral intake adenosine cannot be effectively used by the body. Some ingredients of oral ATP can be absorbed by the intestine, but it is also easy to be metabolized before the body is fully used. However, a 2013 study showed that oral ATP supplements could help increase muscle quality, strength and strength. It may also help prevent the performance of motion performance after training frequency. A 2017 study shows that ATP supplements may help prevent the rapid drop in the ATP levels induced by exercise, making it easy for people to perform high -intensity activities repeatedly.

Adventinosine side effects and contraindications

Excessive intake of adenosine supplements may cause breathing problems, chest pain and hypotension, and may also cause sweating and face redness, and may affect sleep. There are also records that adenosine injection can cause complications. The most serious complications brought by adenosine injection include cardiac stopping, ventricular arrhythmia, and myocardial infarction. This is extremely dangerous for people with cardiovascular ischemia. People with the following diseases should also limit or completely avoid adenosine:

Gout -adenosine levels may increase uric acid in blood flow, causing acute gout or symptoms. ? Heart disease —TP may cause reduced heart blood flow, increasing the risk of chest pain and even heart disease. Due to limited research on adenosine safety, pregnant women should avoid intake of such supplements or drugs containing this component. Regarding this supplement and its effect on pregnant women, and whether it may cause danger to pregnant women, the current information is insufficient, so it cannot be known.

Use adenosine supplements to adjust your ATP level

Many people face the problems of fatigue and energy loss, especially those who often patronize the gym. Adinel supplements may help respond to the rapid consumption of energy and physical strength. However, please keep in mind that the best way to improve physical energy is healthy diet exercise. This can optimize the ATP level in your body without a supplement.

Common problems about adenosine

Q: What is the effect of adenosine? 

Answer: A adenosine is one of the main compositions of the compounds required by energy consumption -TP and AMP. ATP supplements can be used to improve energy levels and exercise endurance, and AMP drugs can be used to treat various physical diseases, including shingles. Studies have shown that adenosine directly affects the quality of sleep -the more adenosine in the brain, the easier it is to fall asleep.

Q: What are the benefits of adenosine?

Answer: Aginosine supplements can regulate ATP levels to prevent the level of ATP in sports activities, thereby improving sports performance and muscle endurance. Various studies have explored other functions of adenosine on the human body, and have different results.

Q: Is it recommended to use adenosine supplements?

Answer: The effect of adenosine supplements in improving energy is unclear. Related studies related to adenosine supplements have a result of contradictory. Some studies say that the human body cannot effectively use it, and others claim that adenosine supplements can improve a lot of physiological processes.